Creepy/Disturbing/Twisted Flash Game - Cream Wolf

Sorry, I need to share this one. I found it linked off a few gaming blogs. For your sick enjoyment: Cream Wolf

It’s just so…off. Everything about it - the eerie off-key music, the glitchy 8-bit style graphics, and the concept - man, you just have to experience it for yourself.

That said, I’m mesmerized by it. It’s disturbing but very well done. Helps to have a black sense of humor.

Technically SFW, but the concept is troubling. You’ll see. They don’t understand you like I do.

For everyone else who didn’t have a clue what in the world this was supposed to be or why we should care, the premise is that you’re a werewolf with an ice-cream truck, and you want to get all the kids in town fattened up before the full moon when you’ll eat them. Despite the pathetic graphics, it ran extremely slowly on my computer, so I didn’t play through a full round; maybe it gets better after that.