Creepy Google Maps link

Spin around this link a bit: I’m being held captive in an interdimensional cage!

it was rainy and a bit foggy when the camera car whizzed through there.

I’m actually fairly familiar with the area, I used to do the route from either VA or CT to western NY up rt 17 all the time.

Yeah, but did you rotate the camera from the default angle? I’m sure it’s common in rainy snapshots but the portions that should be the road really look like a magical wall of sharp fog.

AAaaaaah. I’m driving through the veil - and suddenly out of the twisted surrealist gloom appears a convenience store - is that a white Honda? - and then its gone again, into the ectoplasm.

That is so weird. A total mind screw. I’m totally showing my fiance tonight.

What was that story about going out into the fog and slipping from dimension to dimension?

Is that a dinosaur in the distance?

That’s nothing, the Street View car has extensive pics from the fiery pits of hell.

Or possibly the interior of a Red Cross carrier bag.

Huh. I suppose I’m not surprised it’s in Pittsburgh.

The Mist?

Southwestern Colorado is a bit scary too:

Move along the road to the intersection with road 41 and all becomes clear. But take one… more… step… and it’s dark and scary again.

Step Away From The Light!!!

(I think the street view car was driving this one at night).

Another thing that’s entertaining - if you come to an intersection, sometimes it’s quite clear that the side street was filmed in an entirely different seasion (spring vs. snow-covered winter). So you go from spring to winter back to spring in 2 steps.

Why doesn’t street view work in my neighborhood yet? Every other part seems to be covered, but a few areas are missed. 55116.

It is also like that on US 163 from near Kayenta, AZ going north, up past the Utah border. This is right through the Monument Valley area and I know that the street view from this area used to be normal, i.e. shot during the day and viewable. I scoped it out for photo ops as I was planning a trip through last summer and it wasn’t like this.

I wonder why they took the daytime photos of this gorgeous area and replaced them with night shots?

No, it looks like the Street View car was driving through that dimension that Bill and Ted and the phone booth reached when time-traveling. Notice that if you go up the side road it suddenly becomes winter?