I might end up on Google Street View

I was walking today and as I approached an intersection, the Google Maps car pulled up into the crosswalk to stop at a stop sign. He was lined up such that his camera was aimed right at the sidewalk I was on. There was traffic so the entire time he sat there his camera captured me walking towards his car, stepping into the cross walk, coming closer, walking around the back of the car and going off to the other side. Only then he had clear traffic and pulled away. I know they couldn’t possible use every picture it took but if the camera was live, at least a few would have me in it.

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. It had been a long time since they captured my area. The current street view of my house is at least 7 years old so we were due for a refresh, but the car is really neat to see. The camera set up is very tall off the top. It will be interesting to see if they were actually doing something.

Another thought: I was wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers tee shirt. I am guessing they will have to blur that out.

That’s exciting! Make sure you post when you’re on the map!

I show up driving down the highway on my way to work. You can’t see my face, but you can see the window is partway open from where I was trying to get it down so I could wave :slight_smile:

Cool! About 5 years ago I was out running when a Google Maps car passed me. Sure enough, a few months later I turned up on Street View. It was pretty neat. There’s been a new pass since then though, I’m no longer there. :frowning:

I’ve been passed by their cars in two different locations but evidently without the camera running either time.

I’m pretty sure that this is a shot of me kayaking. The hatch positions and colour of the kayak with the white paddle are a combination I’ve only seen on my kayak. I know it’s not street view but I thought it was pretty cool.

I had a Google car pass me last summer but I never checked to see if I was on the site. Now I’m curious.