Google Street Car. Or how Leftfield6 will be getting worldwide exposure

Since my house is on a short cul-de-sac, I have always been skipped by Google Street camera cars. I could see the back of my house, sorta, from the next street over, but nothing from the front of the house.

Today I’m out in the driveway on the side of my house, and I see the Google camera car coming. :stuck_out_tongue: I give it my best “lady’s man” smile as it goes by, and then I realize “Shit, I’m on a cul-de-sac, it has to come back!” So, for some reason, I decide the appropriate thing to do is a rather Nixon-esque double peace signs thing. Don’t know what I was thinking there.

I’ve heard it takes them months to update their street views, so I’m not holding my breath. But my worldwide exposure is coming soon. :smiley:

Not so fast there. I got photographed on my handcycle. When the pictures finally went up, there were several used from three different months. There’s only one spot where you can see me and it’s from a good distance.

They might come back and do it when you’re not there.

I have never seen a StreetView car, truck, motorcycle, backpacker, airplane, or sewer-crawler with my own eyes. Yet I know that they exist, because pretty much every public street I’ve ever been on has been photographed by them. Is there a schedule they follow?

This page right here shows what the car looks like, and it also has a “See where we are driving” link part of the way down the page.

That’s cool. That would be fun to see one coming and be able to do something fun. :slight_smile:

I know they sent a car down our street but we missed seeing it. They did immortalize our dog, however, laying in her favorite sunny spot on the lawn. She passed away last month and it’s kind of fun to know that somewhere out in the internet she’s still there enjoying the sunshine.

Migawd! You’re bloody indecent! Button up your overcoat, hide behind a tree;/Be good, cover yourself–what did you call me?

Keep in mind they use software to attempt to bulb any faces or license plates.

So while your nixon like double peace sign might be picked up, most likely your lady’s man smile will forever be unappreciated by this and future generations of mankind.

I’d say on quick notice the peace sign was a pretty good idea. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if the driver has some control over the photography - and personally I would try and be subtle enough to escape their notice if you are doing something really weird. That is based just on guessing though.

Cool! I see they’re doing parts of Toronto again.

And I’m not sure why Google Snowmobile never occurred to me. As a Canadian, I am deeply sorry about this. :slight_smile:

I’m also on a cul de sac, and the street view they finally loaded has the front of our house completely decked out for Halloween, with my wife looking dubiously at the Google car.

My wife said she saw a car cruising up and down the street this past Saturday. So I guess they are either getting into the same business.

I saw one coming and did a Jesus Christ pose. They updated the location and I was not included…alas I will never be famous.

Strangely, that made me very emotional.

I saw one a couple of months ago, but didn’t have time to get ready for them.

I actually marvel at how up to date they are on such a small town as mine.

They now have pictures of my 300 yard driveway entrance out in the woods.
I’m surprised the google car wasn’t shot at in rural Arkansas.
Perhaps residents were in such a hurry to pee that they gave no thought to their guns.

I was waiting at a crossing last week when a Google Streetcar came by. I don’t know if it was recording, though.

Wow, I guess a city the size of Chicago takes a while to update. My [BMW Z3 Coupe](4548 N Beacon St Chicago, IL 60640 was a couple of years ago at least.

I love locating places on Street View I know I once visited but only have vague memories of. I found another one of those just yesterday.

The Google Streetview car went by while we were test-driving a car on Staten Island in January. Of course we followed it waving and thumbs-upping like jackasses. I keep checking but we’re not up on it yet.

About two years ago a StreetView car drove by while I was out running. You can still see me in a few of the views near the intersection where it passed me. Alas, I did not think of doing a pose. You can tell I am checking out the StreetView car, though.