Does anyone here appear in Google's Street Views?

The title is self explanatory. I am in it twice. The photo car was in my work neighborhood one day and they shot me while I was parking my car behind my office and then a couple of hours later as I was walking down to the bank.

I don’t feel there is a need to prove it with links, I won’t know if it’s really you and you would never know if it’s really me. So honor system folks.

I was photographed on my handcycle last May but the updated photos aren’t up yet. Thread will be started when they are.

I saw them coming and did an outstretched arms pose. Not online yet.

Same here, both my wife and I toasted the driver as they went by. Not online.

I saw the car driving through my neighborhood several months ago, but my street still isn’t available on Street View.

Not me, but my dog does, or did. I just looked for it, and my street doesn’t have streetview anymore. Maybe they’re updating it. She was so cute in it, too. Just lying there looking right into the camera

Not I, but I’d love to do one of those prank things as it goes by. How do people find out when it’s coming?

Good luck. I was on a bus behind one and was a sidewalk when another went by. The former is from the opposite side of the street and the latter is the wrong time of day.

This view used to have a pedestrian; I think it was Sam, a guy who lived in that house.

I cycled past the Street View car when it did my area back in 2009. Unfortunately it was stopped in a layby and not filming at the time.

if you zoom in on my house, you can see a ghostly (ghastly?) apparition in green shorts.

yeah, that’s me…

Nope, but I am in the Bing version of street maps, which isn’t nearly as cool. I am in Vegas at the time though, so that helps.

Not me, but my husband is. He’s sitting in the beer garden of the local brew pub right next to his easily identifiable car.

It’s fitting - he’s there 3 - 4 days a week.

don’t know, never seen it.

My next door neighbor and another guy that lives down the street were caught arguing in my neighbor’s driveway.

Showed up twice, depending on which direction you are looking. A friend pointed out he spotted me changing the oil in my car when approaching my house westbound. Later, my neighbor spotted both of us talking on the other side of the street if yoy approch eastbound. I claim it is a verification of the Heisingberg Uncertanty Principle, proving you can be in two places at the same time.

Nope, not that I know of. But have fun looking around Legoland in London for cameo appearances by The Stig.

Not me, but what is this atop the car behind the Google Street Viewing vehicle? It’s on the Lincoln Hwy I-80 on the very east edge of Utah’s Great Salt Lake. It’s not like any image of the Google camera that I’ve seen, or its shadows.

Apparently, I am. I’ve never looked, but a few friends have remarked on how they have seen me walking down a certain street near my (then) workplace.

Looks like it has a cover on it.

My house isn’t even on Google street view.