Google Street View updated me!

I just noticed that the Google Street View of my house was updated! From what I can tell, they came by sometime last summer…judging from the state of the foliage, I’m guessing it was August or so.

In the picture before that, I can tell that they came on a Tuesday because my recycle bin is still on the curb. :slight_smile:

How often do they do this? I guess I assumed that it would be awhile, but the view before that was only 3-4 years ago.

They just did my town last month, previous pictures were from Aug 2007.

The new pics aren’t up yet. I’m looking forward to it as I was caught on my handcycle.

I can tell they went down the street where I live in August 2007 too, to the day and hour, because you can see the FOR SALE sign in front of our house and my wife talking to our house inspector on the sidewalk in front after he was done. And blurrily, my 3 kids playing on the grass behind her.

Last I checked my mom’s neighborhood, the shots exactly at the intersections (and only those shots) were at least six months more recent than the others.

2007 eh? Those would have been the first-generation Street View pics, which were shot in glorious suck-o-vision on a 256-pixel camera through a pair of thick tights. Or so it seems. Are the newer shots much better quality? It seems ironic that much of the USA Street View was so much lower quality than that from elsewhere on the planet, considering who was doing it. (Yes, I know that’s because they did the USA first.)

My neighborhood is apparently not important enough for a street view. Only the bigger roads are available for internet snooping.

Us too. Must have been recent because our large Willow tree that we lost last winter in an ice storm is gone.

When they drove by us a few months ago, we managed to jump up and wave like maniacs. Off to see if they’ve uploaded…

What does the vehicle look like? Is it a large van emblazoned with GOOGLE STREET VIEW?

Checked mine, not updated, still shows side road as unpaved (and still lists the wrong name for the street for that matter).

It was a smallish jelly-bean type car with a tall structure on top (think lighthouse). A ball on the lighthouse with camera lenses. GOOGLE STREET VIEW emplazened on the side of the car was how we knew.

They also use more than just cars.

Apparently, it’s been awhile since they’ve been in my neck of the woods, as the gas was $2.35 a gallon on the corner (and those were the high-res shots. My side-street is of a lower resolution.)

I believe they actually show the dates of the photos now. The images of my house say “December 2009” for example. They tend to do the new photos during each region’s summer months, to get the prettiest views I guess.

Where do you find the dates on Street View? I don’t see anything obvious where I’m looking.

ETA: Nevermind, I see it at the very bottom of the page. My house is September 2007. The gas prices are from April 2009.

The date on the picture of our house is June 2011. I can tell it was a Thursday, because the trash bins are on the curb waiting to be picked up.

Ah, of course! September, 2011.

Mine is really old - July 2009. It shows a construction site next door, instead of our current neighbour’s house!

Ours also have trash bins. April 2008. But I don’t know the day of the week since all the trash service stuff got switched around some time back.

I can tell they came down my street on a Tuesday or Thursday, because the trash cans are out on the curb.

If they really want the prettiest views, you think they’d find out when trash day is for each neighborhood, and do it some other day. :smack:

Nah, you’ve got it backwards…obviously, Google has contracted with trash collection companies nationwide to mount Street View cameras on their trucks. They’re less conspicuous that way, you know, so there are fewer ‘invasion of privacy’ complaints.