Creepy songs - Christmas Edition

Okay, I heard “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”, originally by The Jackson 5, on the radio today, and it got me thinking about the intent.

This seems to be a light-hearted song, but if you study it, it’s creepy. If the boy still really believes in Santa Claus, then why is he giggling and laughing about his mom being a tramp whore and Santa being a giant womanizing pig? On the other hand, if he knows Santa is a game and is probably just his dad, then why is he going on and on about “I’m gonna tell dad”?

Any other Christmas songs you feel are creepy underneath or don’t make sense?

Because he’s too young to know about tramp whores and womanizing pigs. He does have a basic sense that something isn’t right, but he’s at an age where not right is often synonymous with silly. This is reflected in his laughing as well as his notion to tell Dad – who for all the kid knows might laugh too.

Originally by Jimmy Boyd, actually. The Jacksons’ version came almost 20 years later.

Baby it’s cold outside.
Can we say pedophile date rapist?

Why are her parents, siblings, and brother so concerned about her if she’s of age?

Why is she questioning what’s in her drink?

Why can’t he take no for an answer?
Why does everyone seems surprised when I say how creepy this song is to me?


Because it’s from an era where they worry about her reputation.

Because it’s strong.

Because he’s trying to persuade her, and SHE HASN’T LEFT YET.

Because they aren’t reading all the anachronistic things into it that you are.

Maybe it’s a difference in era then. I am not as old as this song. Actually, although I’m nearly 30, I had never heard this song before this year. So, I don’t associate it with the good old days of the 50’s or whenever. I associate with the age of do whatever the hell you want just as long as I don’t have to raise your bastard children.

By the way, I don’t traditionally see threats in the innocent stuff like some women do. This one song irks me though.

lyrics to Baby, it’s cold outside.

I think I’ll go outside and quietly shoot myself.

No, no, it’s too cold for that.

Not sure why you chose those two lines, but to put them in context for those not familiar with the song:

The gal (actually listed as “mouse” in the sheet music) is giving a reason why she should leave. The guy (listed as “wolf” in the sheet music) is giving a reason why she should stay. The vocal lines are cleverly staggered as if they’re interrupting each other.

There’s bound to be talk tomorrow
Think of my lifelong sorrow
At least there will be plenty implied
If you got pneumonia and died

So she’s worried about her reputation (she seems to want to stay, but knows she “shouldn’t”), and he’s trying any angle he can think of to talk her into staying.

I’m pretty sure that “Baby It’s Cold Outside” goes back well over 50 years.

Yes, it’s 60 years old. She mentioned her age not to help date the song but to point out that for her first 29 years she had not heard it.

This may be a hard concept for you young 'uns to grasp, but I lived at home with the 'rents well into my 20’s. “Of age” or not, if I had stayed out all night, the shitstorm that would have ensued beggars my powers of description. Baby, it’s cold outside, indeed!





I was trying to overlook that, but now I’m going to have to go outside and shoot myself too. At least it’s a quicker death than getting namonia.

I actually like the spelling.

I understand the song better when I think of it as waaaay before my time.
Still hate the song though.

For me, the creepiest song is “Christmas Shoes.”

If you’ve (luckily) never heard it: it’s about a little boy whose mother is going to “meet Jesus” on Christmas Eve. Instead of staying home by his mother’s deathbed, the kid is in a store, buying shoes for her. He doesn’t have enough money, so the singer of the song (first-person “I”) gives him the difference. He then figures that God has sent the little bastard, to teach him the meaning of Christmas.

Is that the meaning of Christmas? That when your mother is dying, the thing to do is to buy her a new pair of shoes? And you should lay a guilt trip on a total stranger, so he’ll hand over some cash?

My chorus performed this song in three concerts, this past weekend. A good number of us did a mental hi-five after the last performance, knowing that we’ll never again have to sing this piece of garbage.

I think the ending should be: The kid takes the money, runs out of the store and buys drugs.

I had those same thoughts about that song just recently. It doesn’t seem creepy though. I found it too funny to be creepy.

Don’t you mean Amonia? :smiley:

Certainly the most insipid. I had put it out of my mind, but now I’m going to have to vomit before I shoot myself.

Maybe. Does it clean up vomit?

[Angela’s Ashes] Oh well at least that’s better then oldmonia
[/Angela’s Ashes]

I suggested this in another thread, but I’m obliged put it in this one, too: