Creme Brulee Consistency

I make a very tasty creme brulee but the end result is quite thick and extremely rich. I happen to like it, and I’ve always just assumed that’s how creme brulee “should be.”

Twice now I’ve been to fancy-ish restaurants where the creme brulee is flavorful, but with a surprisingly light consistency. Not fluffy, but… well, I don’t even quite know how to describe it, but it’s an interesting variation. Most recipes for creme brulee seem pretty similar, so I’m not sure how this consistency is achieved…

Any ideas?


You can change the consistency of creme brulee by varying the fat and the eggs - high fat cream and egg yolks produce a rich, thick custard. As you move to lighter creams (light cream, half and half, milk), you’ll get a lighter custard. Whole eggs rather than just egg yolks will also lighten it up some.