How do I make the fluffiest eggs?

I just had a slice of quiche that moved the culinary goalposts. The egg was so light and fluffy… with air bubbles in it. The crust and fillings were heavenly as well, but the eggy part was, well, it was texturally wonderful.

What’s the method to achieve this heavenly egginess in my next quiche? I’ve read about incorporating mayo or flour, or just baking low and slow. What’s the straight dope on how to make sure my eggs come out ultra-fluffy?

I’d start by adding a half cup mayo to your custard and adjust from there.

I add some water to the eggs when I’m making omelets. The tiny bits of water turn to steam and create bubbles.

Separate the eggs, whip the whites (just to foamy, not stiff), then blend them back in.

I add milk, sort of like I’m planning to make an omelet, and then just shrug my way into making ridiculously fluffy scrambled eggs instead.

Get a fluffy chicken …

Lightly whipped whipping cream. Doesn’t take much. I have a certain glass bowl I use with a whisk. Whisk up the cream add eggs one at a time whisking between each of 4 eggs. Cook in a bit of butter on low. Always fluffy. That would work for quiche filling I believe.

This is one way. Probably not how your quiche was made though. (Link is youtube video about cooking eggs using high speed blender)