Crest Whitestrips for Whiter Teeth

Has anyone tried these, and if so, opinions, please. I assume they won’t make your teeth any whiter than they were originally, will they?

Never tried them. Just wanted to say that this product has one of the worst commercials ever filmed. The one in which the guy implies that making your teeth whiter is comparable to rescuing and restoring priceless historical artifacts from the bottom of the sea. Crest commercials in general are horrific, but that one took the cake.

Carry on.

I used them. They absolutely work, and they don’t make your teeth any glow in the dark scary white at all. My upper teeth look great. Unfortunately, when I tried using the lower ones, I ate more of the whitening gel than stayed on my teeth, so I gave up. Maybe I should try them again…

my dad’s a dentist and my mom is a dental hygenist, so they used me and my sisters as guinea pigs for these…THEY ROCK

Lurker b, give them another shot