crib safety question

On this crib here:

Are those protruding edges dangerous (like corner posts that were discontinued a few years ago)? Or are those decorative edges not a problem like the corner posts were?

I can report that there are tons of cribs like that at Babies R Us.

Here is a Disney four-poster crib that they had on the floor, too.

Looks like the Disney crib has exaggerated posts to keep babies from getting things caught on it. Cool. Well, here’s hoping the ubiquitousness of the design means it’s safe. LOL.

The danger on poster cribs were from clothes getting caught on them & babies strangling, and that wouldn’t happen on the crib linked to in the OP.

For the one Tom Tildrum linked to, with posters, those are far too tall for a baby to get stuck on.

(no cites, but this info is from the crib safety recommendations in Baby Bargains newest edition, which is up to date on this sort of thing)

Great, thanks everyone.

The real worry is one’s wife getting stuck on one. This is a serious danger with the really expensive ones.