Vinyl wall decals... choking hazard?

We’re getting the nursery ready for Baby Bel (due mid-March). I’d really like to use one of the big vinyl wall decals from Etsy. The designs I like are all “trees blowing in the wind” types, with lots of leaves and birds that are separate decals.

My husband is worried that the decals would come off–either fall off by themselves or get pulled off by the baby–and be a choking hazard.

Do the decals come off that easily? and
Are they flimsy enough to be a choking hazard?

I can’t find ANYTHING about choking on the internet.

I’d buy a small one and stick it on a wall for a while (be sure it’s the same paint texture as the nursery walls), and see how sticky it is before investing in the big ones. Pick at it a bit with your fingers and what not. I think they’re pretty unlikely to just fall off the wall, and by the time the kid is old enough to scrape it, he may be past the choking phase.

Actually, I just thought of something. I’ve seen one used in an open-air chicken coop before. If it sticks in that dusty, exposed environment, with hens pecking at it, I wouldn’t worry at all about it in a baby room.

We have stickers up in our nursery, and it hadn’t even crossed my mind that they might be a choking hazard! To be fair, they are marketed as removable stickers for nurseries, so that’s why. If these one are at all similar, I wouldn’t worry about it. Ours are pretty firmly attached.

You could always make sure at first that there are none above the cot. That way, if any fall off, the baby won’t be able to get to them.

I’m in the process of baby proofing our house - our baby started crawling with a vengeance in the last week, and I just had no idea how much stuff would be dangerous to him. So maybe take my advice with a pinch of salt.

1st kid I’m guessing?

But of course. We’re also worrying about the “taggy” blanket my aunt gave us. Looks like the baby could get her hand into a loop and then twist it. Husband’s solution: cut the loops. My solution: only give it to her while supervised.

Lol. You’ll be giving your next kid plastic bags to play with.

I had one of those wall decals up for Christmas and it was a booger to get off. I say if yours are anything like mine (bought off of eBay), you have nothing to worry about.

And congratulations!

I’ve been using them for years and never had one fall off. They can be peeled off so I wouldn’t put any within a kid’s reach, but they don’t fall off on their own.

My only hospital visit between birth and the age 24 was when I was an infant and swallowed a “colorform” which is a die-cut paper-thin vinyl toy for kids. It got lodged in my throat and the doctor had to reach in and remove it.

So in my particular case, vinyl decals were literally the most dangerous part of my childhood. Beware…