Cricket- Michael Clarke Scores 329*

In the second test against India, the Australian Captain Michael Clarke scored 329 runs not out.

It was a record for the ground- it surpassed a record that had stood for 109 years.

In the history of the game there have only been 25 triple centuries. In only nine of those games was there a result, so I think you could say that where the bastman seek personal milestones it is often to the detriment of the sides winning chances.

Clarke could easily have batted on and looked for other records but he elected to close the innings and give his side their best chance of bowling India out- which they did.

That attitude, along with some pretty clever field placings is making me think he may become a pretty good captain.

Given that they wrapped the Indians up with a day and a half to spare, for the rest of his life he will now wonder if he could have batted on to a record and still won :wink:

Poor bastard.

Incidentally Cicero, whats your view on Ponting and Hussey now?

Clarke was off field at the SCG for only 8 overs (42mins) in the roughly 22 hours the game lasted.

A nice result for those of us that backed Australia to win 3-nil ($13) or 4-nil ($25).

My view of Ponting and Hussey has not changed. I have maintained that if there were players in the Shield making a mountain of runs they (Ponting and Hussey) should not be in the side. Making a lot of runs on a road against a pretty ordinary attack doesn’t change that.

They have secured their positions and I can’t argue against that. Nevertheless, one innings cannot remove their previous inconsistency. Let’s revisit this after the series is completed.

However, by then we will be waiting to see how England fares against the might of Pakistan.

Ponting sure. Hussey, I still disagree. The guy averages 56 with the bat since the 1st May 2011 in Tests:;spanmin1=01+May+2011;spanval1=span;template=results;type=allround

What more does he need to do? There is a question of being passed it. I would submit Hussey manifestly is not passed it. There is a question of whether new blood should be brought into the team. That is a totally different question - and whether he should be there to steady the ship during transition is a different question again. But Hussey is not inconsistent and one innings has not shored up his reputation.

India bowling, as usual its Achilles heel. This has what has stopped India from being the dominant power on the field. By all rights they should be the Oz of the 2000 and the Winides of the 70’s and 80’s.

Cumbrian, I don’t totally disagree- however I believe Ponting has always been a better batsman than Hussey. I could easily put him into my top Australian 20 whereas I may struggle with Hussey (that is theoretical- I haven’t tried to do it). Against that is that he has played Tests for a long time with consequent wear and brings a bit of baggage as an ex captain. I am waiting to be convinced about either at this time.

AK84- I believe India has a lot of problems not just bowling. Their batting is starting to show that the majority are a bit old, the bowling under powered and the fielding is pretty mediocre. It is hard to believe they won the World Cup less than a year ago. Tendulkar is still a class act.

Speaking of Tendulkar, how does he pronounce his name? I’ve heard many of the commentators refer to him as ‘Tandulkar’. Is that because it’s the correct pronunciation or are they all deciding to amulate our brathran from Malbourne?