Cricket - World T20 2016

Yeah, but you got your pick of the field, I got your rejects.
You are being offered 4-1 when you originally were prepared to take 2-1.

And it’s not a 10 horse race, its two 5 horse races, which you picked the first & second favourites in each.

As I recall it:

And after one game you go to water? You seem to be confusing “fair” with “guaranteed”.

So it’s probably a good idea that you’ve put your money where your reboks are, 'cause I’d have little confidence in you honouring the wager.

I would say Pakistan.

I thought Bangladesh would be a little stronger than that, but they just got totally gubbed in that game with Pakistan. If NZ and Pakistan have come to the party, India, with the big deficit in NRR after the first game are going to struggle. Easy to imagine a situation where Aus/NZ or Pak/India all in a 3 way tie at 4-1 and India going out on NRR (especially if the games between them all are tight). India need to give Bangladesh an absolute hiding.

England lost the toss and will bat v WI.

Afridi dominated today. Because of the love he gets from India that he doesn’t get from Pakistan.:wink:

Btw what a catch by Soumya Sarkar!

I am hoping NZ beats all other teams in the group and by good margin…

In other group, SA is the strongest. Eng second strongest. Looking forward to the Afghans as well.

Pretty tremendous knock by Chris Gayle here has slaughtered England’s bowling. We knew before the tournament that our bowling was the most likely to have holes in it, and it was a good team effort with the bat when we had our turn, but Gayle has smashed 6 after 6. Comfortable win for WI as a result.

Could be that that 4 teamer we were discussing up thread for the semis results in none of those teams qualifying! Though we’ve not seen Australia and SA yet, so that’s a bit previous.

In T20 cricket bilateral series are meaningless. They occur either at the start of or at the end of a tour i.e when teams are discovering their bearings or just want to go home.

All that matters are the various leagues and the World T20.

We play South Africa next, with AB De Villiers. WI will fancy their chances of a spot in semi-finals here, and we haven’t seen anything of Sri Lanka yet. Going to be a tough group for England to progress from!

A highly entertaining crapshoot indeed.

Here’s Sarkar’s catchfor those who haven’t seen it. I love juggling catches on the boundary.

I am being “offered” 4-1 on condition that I pay out at 7-1 if my bet doesn’t come in. The implied book here has a big hole in it, it’s the wrong way round.

Look at it this way; if these were offered side by side, someone could take you up on both and win every time.

Either we’re talking past each other or one of us doesn’t understand something (and I’m prepared to believe it’s me, but you haven’t yet posted anything to convince me that’s the case).

Of course, but that doesn’t change the odds or the argument much.

Not at all - things like the results so far are precisely why the correct odds (before a ball was bowled) were around 4-1 against. Now these results are in, clearly the true odds are a great deal more than 4-1 and I’d be foolish to bet on those terms even without your suggestion of a return 7-1 bet.

I think that’s a rather unfair assumption to make. Yes, I’m glad I didn’t bet on it now that it looks more likely to be a losing bet. But had I done so, of course I would have paid up. I understand betting is not guaranteed. In fact, I would have paid my stake over ASAP (ideally before the start of the tournament) and then expected to be paid back (or not) once the outcome was known. I would also have limited my stake to something I wouldn’t worry about never seeing again if my ‘bookmaker’ didn’t keep to their side of the bargain.

Sorry for the sidetrack - in the cricket, I thought 180 looked a decent total, but the fact remains it is very difficult to bowl consistently well at a batsman in form in this format. In Tests (and to some extent 50 over games) you can frustrate the batsman by bowling outside the off stump, or throw in the odd very short ball, etc. But a lot of these are likely to be called as wides or no balls in T20, and no-one is yet good enough to bowl perfect yorkers all the time, so bowlers tend to get hit all over the place. Hence the earlier comment from someone about using spinners more and more - that could well be correct, especially on subcontinental pitches.

I predict SA will be the overall winners, just based on their side having enough batting firepower to overcome any deficiencies in their bowling attack. Though one would have hoped the same would be true of England. Oh well.

Sri Lanka win handily over Afghanistan today, although the Afghans put some pressure on at some points, and looked like they could be good enough to win a game or two in the group.

NZ play Australia today in Dharamsala. If NZ can win this game, you’d think they’ll almost certainly go through to the next round by beating Bangladesh. Rain a potential problem though - lots of rain affected matches at this venue in the preliminary round.

After a cracking start New Zealand only posted 142 against Australia. Looks to be 30 runs short unless the bowlers can have another blinder.

NZ doing ok so far. Aus certainly aren’t running away with it.

Headed for an interesting finish. NZ spinners could be crucial here

Has all slowed down, that’s for sure.

22 needed off 11 and Marsh gets caught out. Going to the wire this one. The pitch was pretty slow and turns out NZ’s total was pretty decent in the end.

James “Man of the match in the World Cup final and sweet fuck all besides” Faulkner goes.

18 off 4.

Yep. Sometimes hard to tell if a team has played poorly or a tough wicket.

Aussie batsmen all holing out in the deep as the scoreboard pressure mounted in the final 2 overs and they couldn’t muscle it over the boundary. NZ win by 8 runs.

Really pleased for them - a win against Bangladesh and avoiding a thumping versus Pakistan should see them through. The three games between Australia, Pakistan and India will be high pressure thanks to this result.