Crime, capture, tial, appeal and execution. All in 9 days!

From this article

How’s that for some speedy justice? Please note that according to the article:

This, of course on the heels of the crackdown on dissidents where sentences ranged from 6 to 28 years, for such crimes as

IMO Castro is reacting to rumblings at home and abroad, some probably prompted by the war on his dictator-in-law Saddam, and this is only the beginning of a wider purge in the Cuban government. The question will be, will Castro’s still-iron-but-aging-grip be enough to hold on to power? Or will there be a military or popular uprising? My guess is that Castro will open his perennial escape valve and make some pronouncement about allowing anyone who wants to, to leave Cuba. However, that might not fly so well with the current US administration, so who knows.

Why don’t we invade Cuba? It’s only 90 miles away and I’m sure it would be easier to take over than Iraq.

It is no secret that Castro is taking advantage of world attention being focused elsewhere to carry out his repression. It has happened in the past. Contrary to what many think, I think many countries are getting tougher for two reasons: Big problems elsewhere mean they get less attention, and also because a higher level of tension seems to justify getting tough.

Now that’s the kind of get tough approach on terrorism I like!
Oh wait, that’s in a communist country?
We shouldn’t let them violate civil rights like that! Maybe we need another war of liberation.