Crime Movies: One Last Big Score?

Anyone think of any movies with this theme? For example Heat (1995) starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro

Carlito’s Way
Gone in 60 Seconds
The Town
The Usual Suspects

A recent article in Slate claims that every Michael Mann film is about this:

Ronin is not about a retirement score. The crew are mercenaries doing yet another gig, but there’s no suggestion that it’s anyone’s last big job.

Sam, in fact, never retired.

In the Usual Suspects, Kaiser Soze disappears after the events in the film, but there’s no suggestion he’s quitting the remorselessly evil crime lord business. He’s just doing less public-facing work.

In fact msmith seems to have just randomly selected “films which feature soime kind of heist” wth no relation to wht the OP askled.

It’s stated in the movie somewhere that Dean Keaton (Gabriel Byrne) is talked into doing one last big score by Verbal. Keaton had tried to go legit (trying to get investors for his restaurant concept, dating Edie Finneran), but was pulled back into it. Verbal says that the rest of the guys won’t take him without Keaton being involved.

THE HOT ROCK predates all the films mentioned and is a comedy about how Robert Redford, recently released from prison, is enticed to come back for one last score–the precious gem of the title.

It’s been awhile, but I think Sean Connery’s motivation in The Anderson Tapes is to make his big score and live on it from then on.

I also seem to think that this was a theme in High Sierra.

The author doesn’t even mention the source material, Red Dragon.

I wonder if he was aware of it.


I’m sure he was, but he was pointing out themes in Mann’s work, and directors do gravitate to their themes, even if it was originally from a book.

Thief was the one that immediately came to mind, followed by the remake of Gone in 60 Seconds. There soitanly are a lot of them, Ollie.

The Score with Edward Norton, Robert DeNiro and Marlon Brando (in the last heist of his acting career). Robert DeNiro’s character was in it for one last heist before going straight for Angela Basset.

No, you just know shit about movies.
Blow - Yes, the film George Jung’s rise. But his “last big score” ended up being his undoing. (THe OP didn’t say the entire film had to be about the LBS).
Carlito’s Way - Carlito is sucked into “one last job” by his lawyer Kleinfeld (although it’s a prison break and not a heist).
Contraband - Retired smuggler Farraday is pulled into doing one more heist to save his brother.
Gone in 60 Seconds - Retired car thief Raines is pulled into doing one more job to save his brother.
The Town - MacRay is pulled into one more job otherwise they will kill his girlfriend (the hostage from the last job)
Ronin - It’s been awhile since I saw this one. I could have sworn it was someone’s “last job” (or they were pretending it was as part of their cover)
The Usual Suspects - See Superdude’s comments

I’ll also throw in Point Break. The botched heist at the end was supposed to be Bodhi’s crew’s “traveling money” (OP didn’t say “last heist ever”)

The Killing from Stanley Kubrick would also be in the “one last heist” movie category.

I don’t think that one works. They did a last score every year or something. I really member that was part of the gangs MO. String of robberies then take a break.

Not a heist movie, but John Woo’s The Killer should still count.

Sexy Beast, although Gal has already retired and is forced into one last job against his will.