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I am wondering why I am having zero luck finding any sites with real, legit crime scene photos. I am not a freak, just a forty something married woman who LOVES true crime books(they are all that I read). So I read a book and try and find other pictures of the crime victims, the crime scenes, etc, and have come up empty handed. I know about and goregasm, but that is way gross and not what I have in mind. Just looking for websites that would maybe be posted by cops/ex-cops that have access to real crime scenes. Anyone know of any??? Thanks!

I found a lot of this information is online through police websites but here’s the catch, they charge you for it. Often a county or city will allow anyone free access to their police blotter and cases (within reason of course) but they only allow it if you go in and request it. Then of course if you want to make copies of records or photos the stations charge you for it. So if you want it online it’ll cost and if you go down to the station or county clerks office it’s free. (Not always but I have found this quite a few times)

I was doing research on some cold case files and I found for example, the Chicago Tribune has it’s historical index online and it’s free if you use it at the library or have a Chicago library card, but the index doesn’t always pull. For instance I looked up “Dale Rosen,” and only one article came up about her. But if I go into the Microfiche and Microfilm files at the library and read the paper, you’ll find more information. The information is in the paper it just doesn’t pull up in the database.

So if you want information on cases you often have to go down to the station or newspaper or manually look it up day by day (which involves reading most of the paper) to find information.

A good book to read about Cold Cases is The Restless Sleep by Stacy Horn

What you need to find is a photographer that did it for a living. My grandfather-in-law was a crime scene photographer for a while. (Quick fact, the person who pushes the shutter button owns the picture, regardless of who they are working for, who’s equipment it is etc…) From what I understand he’s got boxes and boxes and boxes of the horrible gory crime scenes. He refuses to show them to anyone though, he says it’s not really something he thinks ‘civilians’ should be exposed to since some of it is so stomach turning. Anyway, the moral of the story is, try to people that took the pictures.

I’ve a feeling someone will be along soon to correct that, because it certainly doesn’t ring true to me!

If you have access to a library with a good periodicals database, journals like the Journal of Forensic Science often have case reports with pictures of forensic scenes and evidence. It’s a fascinating journal.

I’m sure there are others like that out there, but you’ll likely need academic acess to view anything more than abstracts.

I just googled ‘crime scene photos’ and found tons of them. Here is what ‘crime scene photos ted bundy’ brought up:


From what I can tell, the ONLY way someone else owns the rights, absent a written agreement, is if there is an employee/employer relationship. From what I can tell, even if the photog is a 1099 worker, he still owns the pictures. Only employee/employer relationships make a difference as to who owns the pictures.

I still can’t imagine a government employee, like a crime scene photographer, being entitled to keep the photo’s they take though, Joey. I may well be wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time. :slight_smile:

I assume then that your grandfather-in-law wasn’t an employee of the police department? Did he also work without a written agreement assigning copyright?

Honestly, I don’t know. He must have just been a free lance photographer. They must have just called him when they needed him. I guess if 50 or 60 years ago there wasn’t as much crime there might not have been a need to have someone on staff. I don’t really know all the details.

There are several books out there about Arthur Fellig AKA Weegee, the noted NYC crime/underworld photographer of the Thirties and Forties. Check on Amazon or your local library. He was a very talented guy.

Theres a site called rotten and it is exactly how it sounds. If you have a weak stomach be careful what you click on. This site features a lot of photos sent in by crime scene photographers. It does a have a few interesting pics…

Why did I waste an hour of my life looking at those pictures. I am almost positive I will have nightmares tonight. :smack:

Wiki (and you) largely get it right:

Here is a website dedicated to Weegee. Looks like a stereotypical Hollywood news photog, doesn’t he? Art imitates life.