Criminals take selfie with stolen cellphone...get caught.

Two genius and aspiring social media stars in Karachi took a selfie with a woman’s cellphone after taking it from her in a robbery.
The picture got automatically uploaded onto the woman’s account. Police nabbed them.
And recovered two unlawful firearms in the process.

They probably didn’t take it on purpose. There’s an app. My son had it on one of his cell phones. When people put in an incorrect password try, it takes their picture.

Look at the story and you may revise this opinion. The one where he’s lovingly holding his pet chicken is my favorite.

Clearly you didn’t click on the link.

The guns turn what would have been a few months imprisonment to a few years…

We had a case a few years ago where a guy came into a store to apply for a job.

There was no one at the front till, so instead he managed to open it, fill his pockets with all the cash, and bugger off.

Leaving his résumé, with all his contact info, on the counter by the till. :smack;

“I take it he didn’t get the job?” the judge inquired, before passing sentence.


When I was a young prosecutor, I was once reading a police report about a criminal who’d done something particularly dumb (I forget what it was) and I said to an older and wiser prosecutor, “I can’t believe he’d be that stupid.”

“Look around you,” the older prosecutor said, waving his hand to take in the courthouse around us. “This place is a *monument *to the proposition that people can be that stupid.”

I think the chicken is actually the mastermind behind it all.

:d :d :d

I remember reading some years ago reading of a cop who was chasing on foot a purse snatcher who promptly ran off into a dark park… wearing a pair of those sneakers with an LED in the heel that flashes when you step on 'em.

And as that picture was being snapped, the chicken was thinking, “No, no, no! I said book. Book!”

There’s definitely a backstory here. The fellow in the black shirt with the smouldering eyes looks like he’s fighting back tears as his friend comforts him. Then he takes a last photo with his beloved chicken…

I think the chicken has been diagnosed with a terrible disease, the man in black has realized that he can’t bear to let it continue to suffer, and he has made an appointment with the chicken vet for tomorrow morning. He stole the phone in order to have a record of their last day together.

In hope the judge takes the circumstances into account, and is compassionate in sentencing.

I think that was in America’s Dumbest Criminals.

Unless there’s two different robbers dumb enough to wear blinky lights in the dark.

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that it may tend to incriminate me.

“Won’t talk, eh? Boys, bring out the automated feather-plucker!”

Which came first, the chicken or the chicken’s boyfriend?

I once heard from an Ohio cop about a criminal suspect who, when arrested and asked for his name, gave the name of a friend of his instead. Turned out the friend was in MUCH bigger trouble than he was, including a warrant for an out-of-state murder. The man, confronted with a long criminal-record printout for the other guy, all of a sudden remembered his real name…

And then there is this:

An Austin woman was jailed on a manslaughter charge after accidentally shooting her boyfriend while posing for a photo, officials said.

The Cellphone will go down in history as Darwin’s Greatest Achievement.

This story goes deeper. If you read down, it may not have been an accident, and it may be another case of incrimination-by-selfie: