Critical alert for iMac G5 users

No wonder dragging it around by the power cord caused so many problems for me.

heh. Well, they probably felt it was necessary to spell it out because the predecessor to the iMac G5, the iMac G4 that looked like an LCD monitor attached to a hemispherical base by a chrome flexithing, could be picked up and carried around by its fragile-looking gooseneck-like bit. Apparently, picking the new model up by its skinny bent-aluminum base piece can harm it.

My guess is somebody tried to carry it around by its small base, broke it, and sued them. It still cracks me up though.

You have to disconnect all the cords before moving it? I thought Macs were supposed to easy to use.

Apple is so dishonest. They’re nothing but a fruity house of lies. Not a single iota of truth can be gleaned from anything they say and/or do.

I tried to take their advice. I tried to carry my G5 into my local bank vault. Didn’t work.

Fucking Apple. “Carry it to wherever you wish” indeed.