###$$$%%%#$^&&%%#POS iMac!!!!!

Bought a new iMac for Mrs. R just before Christmas. Graphite, with all the bells and whistles.
What a piece of junk.
Just had my second hard drive crash in two weeks. It’s my own fault; I was trying to close a file (sarcasm mode off). Disk Doctor, which seems utterly useless, copuldn’t do anything: “Cannot mount drive” Had to re-initialize.

So now, although I have 30 gigs of hard drive, I’m effectively limited to 120 Meg, whcih is all I can fit on an IMation Superdisk. I mean, I can’t use the hard drive if every two goddamn weeks it’s going to crash.

Oh, and the Apple Help is frigging worthless, too. No paper documentation, except for a large print 16-page booklet. It’s all supposed to be, you guessed it, on the HARD DRIVE. Oh, or on-line. Which of course I can’t access if my HARD DRIVE is down and I’m running on the Software Install CD.

Not to mention the frequent freeze-ups.

It’s not like I was trying to do anything special, either. I have Microsoft Office installed, and Microsoft Work, and the assorted software that comes with the computer (except Appleworks 6, which follows the new Apple trend of not being worth a sh_t–it doesn’t seem to be able to open anything except Appleworks files. Unlike my bud’s Clarisworks 5, which will open any damned type of file you can imagine–how’s that for retro-progress?) You’d think any competent computer could handle that, wouldn’t you? But noooooooooooo…

I’m telling you, this thing is one of the great disappointments of my life. Especially after the reliability of my old Mac Quadra 605. The whole reason I bought a Mac was to avoid all the incompatibility problems of the PCs, but it’s hard to imagine a PC could be worse.

Oh, and while we’re at it, the drains in my house are plugged and I had to follow a cop into work today at EXACTLY THE SPEED LIMIT and we’re out of stamps and my employer doesn’t give a darn about the airplane business.

I, for one, am tired of listening to smug mac users tout the amazing capabilities of their “far superior” machines. No offense…I do not wish you ill will with your evil tool of the devil. But what IS it with Mac owners? It’s like they consider their desktops to be an appendage of their own body, which proves THEM to be a “superior system.”

My favorite lame-ass remark they make to me is, “My mac at home never crashes, but the system at work is down all the time.” Okay, let’s analyze this statment. You’re saying that your single-user, one-hard-drive, no-server system on your desk top has fewer problems than the networked system at work that serves 300 people? Imagine that! Holy Chalupas batman, alert the media and have EVERYONE switch to this amazing new technology!

Okay, okay. So there are benefits to your wicked, non-conformist technology. I don’t want to hear about them, okay? And let this OP be a lesson to you! You have no right to be smug, you bastards!


You’ve got a lemon. Actually, for all I know, all iMacs may be lemons, or all Graphite iMacs. Either way, I’d call 800-SOS-APPL and raise hell.

When my 7100 was new and I was having trouble hooking up to an ethernet network, they sent someone to my house and he did some checks and then replaced my motherboard.


I, being a Mac user, am well aware that all Mac users (yes, every single one) behave in exactly this fassion. I am pleased that you have so neatly categorized us. Makes my job a lot eaiser. Oh yeah: :rolleyes:

Macs support an arbitrary number of isolated users, remote logins, dynamic web hosting, as many hard drives as IDE or SCSI adaptors you care to add, file sharing via Appletalk and IPX. When OS X goes final, Macs will come standard with Apache, Sendmail, BIND, NFS, AFS, NetInfo, and the first commercially successful 100% vector-based display technology (Quartz). Your statement that Macs are “single-user, one-hard-drive, no-server” systems is stupid and incorrect.

Non-conformist? Oh, you mean, “doesn’t suck.” Macs use USB (a standard that would never have made it to the PC without Apple having invented it), Firewire(IEEE 1394), IDE, PCI, AGP, S-VGA, S-Video, RCA, and PCMCIA in laptops. I would hardly call that “non-conformist.”

Re: The OP: You got a raw deal. If I was you, I’d get your system replaced.

###$$$%%%#$^&&%%# thread titles that fuck up the screen.

Now, now, I just have to point something out that gave me giggles…

Oh, the irony of that statement. That’s like saying “I bought an SUV to avoid the low gas mileage of a Civic.”

why is it that people with imacs not only think their machines are far superior in performance, but that they are somehow better for being more stylish?

Rocketeer: Like was said previously, sounds like you got a total lemon. I would second the adive to call Apple and have them fix the problem. I imagine that you’ll have to take it to a Authorized Apple repair shop who will diagnose and hopefully fix the problem and as long as you are still under warrenty, Apple will foot the bill.

SPOOFE: When I read that part of the OP I understood it as he was trying to avoid hardware incompatabilities. Since there are a million and one makers of just about every kind of harware for PCs, you can frequently get combinations of hardware that will not co-exist together (nicely). I have this probelm with my PC where I have three devices fighting for the same IRQ. I fixed the problem manually but on a Mac I never would have had this problem.

SexyWriter: Go blow it out your buttocks. I have seen at least as many rabid PC users as I have rabid Mac users. Look at all the people on this message board who attack the Mac users, such as yourself. And yes, there are a lot of Mac users who will attack the PC users, so I am not saying that Mac people don’t do it, but I want you to see that it is not a one sided thing here bucko. So don’t use that argument against Mac people.

zeke: Well, what would you rather have, a Pinto with a Porsche engine in it or a Porsche with a Prosche engine in it? I would bet you would like the Porsche because it looks better. Same thing with Macs. Why have a dull beige computer when you can have a nifty colored and stylish one? It doesn’t make a lick of difference in preformance, but it brightens up the place a little and there is nothing wrong with that. If you prefer a plain beige computer then buy a beige box and put the innards of a Mac in it. It might require a little fabrication but I am sure it could be done. Personally, I will stcik with the iMac, G4 cube, and the G4 tower, thank you very much.


Now you made me CRY! I hope you’re happy!

Blow it out my buttocks? That is going to be very painful and you are going to feel very badly about my suffering.

Of course, there are rabid PC users. And, in fact, I was really only making a sarcastic joke about “smug mac users.” For crying out loud, no one’s ever ATTACKED me over my choice of computers. Just teased. Which is what I was doing back. It’s rare that I get to defend my position so vehemntly without someone interrupting me by laughing like a fool, so I was using this venue to express my obnoxious thoughts.

Please forgive me, oh Mac God, and don’t make me blow anything else out my buttocks.


The following is my favorite carton since Bloom County. Go to the link and after reading the first carton, click on the next day’s carton.

I want a Dust Puppy. You know what I’m taking about, if your familar with the site.


Apple didn’t invent USB. Intel did. Nice try though. (Intel is also developing USB 2.0, which transfers at 480 mbps to compete with firewire, which transfers at 400).

Apple hasn’t had any significant hardware innovations that has helped the computer industry as a whole in recent years (Yeah, they did develop the G4, but as great a chip it is, it hasn’t helped the whole computer industry).

How about FireWire?

And scoff all you want at the industrial design of the iMacs and the G4s, but look around you. Go to an electronics store. Check out the phones, the clock-radios, the other brands of computers, etc., that are blatant iMac design rip-offs. You might hate that these products are coming in designer colors and funky shapes, but somebody’s buying these things. I’d say that’s not just a significant influence on the computer industry, but on the consumer electronic business as a whole.

The whole PC/Mac debate has never failed to amaze me. It’s up there with religion and politics in the list of things to never discuss unless you wanna get into a heated debate.

They’re two different operating systems. They both have good and bad points. It’s as simple as that. I’ve used Macs for the past 9 years, going through 3 different computers. I never had any major problems with any of them, just upgraded them as they became outdated. Troubleshooting is a breeze. I love the Mac OS’s interface. It’s intuitive, and it just feels ‘right’ to me.

On the other hand, my friends who have PCs have a much wider range of software to choose from, and cheaper periphirals. I’ve used Windows, many a time. Doesn’t feel right to me. Feels clunky. I’m sure I’d get used to it if I used it regularly, but why would I want to? I’ve got a great, powerful computer already.

Macs don’t suck, any more than PCs do. It’s a matter of choice. I’ve been using Macs for a long time now, and my G4 can do pretty much anything your Wintel machine can, with an interface I find smoother and easier to work with. Disagree with me? Fine. Like I said, personal preference. I promise I’ll never tell you your PC sucks. Now stop telling me my Mac does! :slight_smile:

This whole “Mac v. PC” argument is a marketer’s wet dream. I’m constantly amazed that people can get so worked up over their choice of a brand-name. Do any of these people ever wake up a night and think “My God, I am such a corporate tool”? And why does this sort of antagonism appear to be unique among computer users? Why aren’t people getting red in the face when someone suggests Coke is better than Pepsi, or Burger King tastier than McDonalds? Aren’t all of these questions equally pointless? Can I think of any more rhetorical questions? Apparently not.

Much as I’d like to make a snide remark about macs, this is clearly a hardware problem that you could’ve gotten no matter what platform you bought. Call 'em up and make 'em fix it.

Nimune wrote

If you honestly see the differences between a PC and a mac as even vaguely similar to those between Coke and Pepsi, you truly don’t understand what you’re talking about.

I don’t support this kind of prejudice against Mac Users. They should be treated as if they were normal people, and shouldn’t be persecuted for their disability.

I would agree with you, but I’m still crying over the insult to my person. I think I’m the victim of a hate crime. I’m calling the nasty, smug mac user FBI center. Only they can help me now.


In all seriousness, if you’re getting pissed off because somebody is making fun of your personal brand of computer, it may be time to reevaluate the roots of your identity.

Once you admit that your iMac is an overpriced piece of shit two years behind the current software, that doesn’t even have a fucking floppy, and that it’s not saving the earth, or making you a better person spiritually, you’ll be better equipped do deal with the intellect, and rational logic of the real world. Where we use PCs.

Actually, the rounded, translucent products were around long before the iMac came on the scene. In fact, when the iMac was first revealed, some comments compared it to an iron that was already on the market. The similarities were striking.

Not really. I heard the iron actually works.

This is just too easy.

Scylla, yer a bad, bad boy.