Mac people irritate me

Except for Audrey. Audrey will always be cool in my book.

But you other people, you people with this incessant need to interject complete bullshit into any thread computer related, saying such profound things as ‘Get a Mac instead… HAHAHA’, ‘You wouldn’t have this problem if you went Mac’, or ‘Mac… cough cough cough’.

One example, pulled from the top of the heap – Get your head out of your Ass Dell

It gets old. It’s irritating. It’s fucking tiring… especially when your non-sequiturs are interjected into fucking PC RELATED THREADS!

Jesus you people are obnoxious.

We don’t want to hear about how fucking Mac’s don’t ever crash, don’t ever get a virus, don’t ever have bad customer support, DON”T EVER DO ANYTHING WRONG!!

It’s fucking bullshit. Mac’s are Mac’s. PC’s are PC’s.


And get over yourselves in this fucking savior position you all seem to take in trying to get people to convert. WE DON’T WANT TO. We bought a PC for a reason, dolt. Screaming to the people trying to help, or trying to sort through a problem or specifically asking for a PC SOLUTION, don’t need to fucking hear what it’d be like if THEY ONLY HAD A MAC. Honest. No fucking input needed, thanks.


You’re like a group of environmentalists that run around saying, ‘You know, if you rode a bike you wouldn’t be having the problems your having with your car right now. Hahahaha’.


You’re like the Linux freaks who can’t envision anyone using anything but LINUX.


Poster A : “Hey guys. Got a problem with XP crashing”

Poster B: “Oh yeah, what’s it doing?”

Poster C: “M$ Blows. Go linux instead!”

Poster A: “Uh, yeah. Where was I? Win XP crashes when it…”

What. The. Fuck.

I don’t care that your machine never crashes. I don’t care that you’re oh so clever you can avoid the problems others have. I don’t care how you feel about M$ … because it’s fucking IRRELEVANT to the discussion at hand.

What the fuck point is there in saying that if you used ‘Y’ instead of ‘Z’, you wouldn’t have a problem with ‘Y’ then? I’m using fucking ‘Z’, and I don’t want to hear about fucking ‘Y’. Alright?


Apparently not, because whenever, wherever there’s a thread to be had dealing with PC related content, it’s a given one of you longhaired hippy freaks will come out of nowhere and start spouting your usual spiel.

I’m half thinking I should start hunting down obvious Linux or Mac threads and start interjecting all kinds of shit into them, much like you guys do to ours.

You know, words of wisdom like, ‘You wouldn’t have driver problems if you used Windows’. Or ‘You could run that program fine on a Win machine’. Or… I dunno ‘or’. I’m not used to being the obnoxious boor who feels the need to hunt down Mac users and tell them they’d be better off with a Windows machine. But I can think of something.

In the meantime, Mac people, Linux people, et al, GIVE IT A FUCKING REST.

You’re the bee’s knees. You rock. You have my undying admiration.

Now get the fuck over yourselves already and stick a FUCKING cork in the ‘well the world would be better place if only you…’ shit.


There. All better now.

Oh, and to preemptively thwart the masses who can’t help themselves from posting the lame ironic twist… Yeah, this post would have been a whole lot better had it been composed on a MAC, preferably within a Linux shell.

“My jagged rock doesn’t slay woolly mammoths as well as a bow and arrow - but you bow and arrow people better pipe down! I want to hear about jagged rocks!”

Enjoy your jagged rock, sir.

Well done, CnoteChris. I agree 100%. Nice job.

Nice coding on your post,cnote. You must have used a mac.
You know, I used to have a problem with painful burning and itching. Then I got a G4, and ever since…:wink:

Word. Macs aren’t infallible and they have had virii and other assorted problems in the past.


I would be grumpy too, CnoteChris, if my computer was butt ugly to stare at, day in and day out.

Alas. I have a Mac, so I have no such grumpiness.


I tease you.
While I do have a MAc and love it to death, it is not cool to pop in on threads like that.

My abacus works perfectly.

I’m a Mac user (I have many Macs) and I occasionally visit Mac only forums.

Do you know that there are digusting, vile, PC trolls who visit these forums also, in order to compensate for their inferior machines/operating systems and possibly their tiny sized sexual organs ?

I could give 2 fucks about which machine somebody uses. I’ve never entered into a PC debate, and started preaching Mac. I’m sure a few Mac users have, but many more PC trolls have entered into Mac only threads and spread their filth.

So, if Mac users make up about 5%, imagine how many more PC dickweeds there are out there, constantly sneaking into Mac only threads, trying to justify their shit ugly machine. So for every annoying Mac guy you see, I see 20 more annoying PC dickheads all the time. If I started a a thread here pitting these PC morons, I would be about 20 times more justifed, than somebody starting a thread about Mac dickheads.

PC users are obviously less educated, they make less money, and have no sense of style.

Mac users are probably much more honest people also, which is evidenced by the millions of legal downloads of music, and the overwhelming success which has taken place at the Apple iTunes store, since it opened. Let’s see what the figures are, when it’s available for PC.

Also, regardless of what people say, getting smitten by a Virus on a Mac is pretty much a nonissue. I know tons of people who have Macs, and I know not of one case where somebody has gotten smitten. Yes, I am aware that they do exist, however they are virtually nonexsistant.

So, for every Mac user you see, which you think is a trolling dick, you can multiply that number by about 20, and that’s how many PC dickweeds I have to deal with all the time.

When future generation archeologists go through old TV/film archives they will mostly see Macs in the majority of movies/tv shows, catalogues etc, and not PCs. This is because PCs are fucking ugly, and nobody wants to even photograph these filthy looking boxes.

Ok, I’ve said what I had to say. I will now return to my higher paying job, on my superior machine.


If Macs don’t get viruses, why does Apple issue security updates?

Oh bite me CnoteChris.

You’re a fucking asshole to make a pit thread that it is

  1. Petty
  2. Been done by at least 50 people before
  3. Just shows what a whiney PC humping little bitch you are

Come back when you have something more interesting to compain about.

It’s not that Macs don’t get viruses, it is the fact that there hardly exists any viruses for Macs, which makes them much less likely to get smitten.

I would believe the security updates have more to do with internet security issues than they do with viruses. Most people who are concerned with viruses, use third party virus software.

You’d have to get in line behind all the rest of the trolls.

I use both! :slight_smile:

I even have an Amiga around here somewhere…

[looks around for a while, forgets what he’s looking for, sits down at his Prophet-5 and has a toke while making pretty noises…]

Macs and PCs are both good. They both have ups and downs. I’m comfortable with both, but at home I use a PC.

Being a fence-sitter, I’ve heard all three sides preaching to me (Linux, Mac, and PC trolls), and all of them are pretty obnoxious.

“How could you ever use a Mac at all? You’re not a real PC user!”

“Macs are just better. And my iMac is just so adorable!”

“Haha! Still using Windoze? Get your head out of the Man’s ass, dude!”

Can’t we all just get the fuck along?


Every time someone butts in with their Mac Worship Bullshit I feel like putting my foot down their throat.

WE KNOW ALREADY. We know how much you love your doesn’t-run-the-software-I-use Mac. We. Know. We had the choice of buying a PC or a Mac when we got our computer. WE CHOSE A PC ON PURPOSE, OK? THAT IS WHAT WE WANTED.

You can shut the hell up now. Thank you.

buys a beer or equivelant beverage for CnoteChris

And as for Daisy Cutter and RTA, who responded to a post that protested against Mac users being snobbish and elitist by being snobbish and elitist: I could rant at you for hours, but I really can’t say it better than Penny-Arcade can.

Thank you, also, for showing the world exactly why Cnote’s post was necessary.

Amen C-note. It’s especially annoying when I have to hear it from my MOM !!! But I did have the last laugh when she called me to help her figure out how to set up her Air Port …

I’ve seen my good friend and her sister nearly come to blows over this- her sis is a Mac user (and a real power user, too- loads of photoshop type graphics work) and had to check e-mail one day on her PC. Well, the bottom line is that she didn’t really understand how to log onto the Internet on it, and started in with her “I just don’t know why you WASTED your money on this computer (the very one I recommended, in fact), blah, blah, Macs are SO MUCH better, blah blah blah…” by the time she was done ragging the PC my friend was furious- she felt like her sister was saying that she had poor judgement and was stupid for her CHOICE of computer. I had to referee on the “discussion” before it got to ugly, but to this day I don’t know why she felt the need to berate her and belittle a choice that affected her in no way, shape, or form.

As a long-time Mac user, I can still agree with the sentiment behind the OP. Jumping into a thread to berate someone for the brand of computer choice or operating system they use IS irritating. I’ve said it on these boards several times: Macs have their good points and bad points, as do Windows machines. It’s just a choice. I don’t really care about the choice you’ve made, just as you don’t care about the choice I’ve made. My computer does what I want and need it to, just as yours does.

But if you somehow think the behavior you describe is inherent to Macintosh users only, you’re very, very much mistaken. I’m guessing as Windows users, you only read threads or follow boards about Windows. So you only see those threads where Mac ninnies pop in with their annoying nonsense. Believe me, if you read Macintosh threads or forums as I do, you’d see that kind of behavior from Windows ninnies just as much. We put up with it just as much as you do.

So, let’s just say ‘computer users who feel the need to belittle other computer users choices are irritating’, okay?

Not always. (I like the one shaped like a cat, myself!)

As for the PC troll thing… this isn’t a Mac board. This is the SDMB. I’ve never seen a PC troll here, but i’ve seen Mac snobs many times. Now I’m sure there have been PC trolls, but the ratio at which I’ve seen them in the threads I read is probably fairly indicative of the ratio on a whole.