Critical issue about "Back to the Future"

I expended considerable energy years ago on a thread I started in The Pit, on movie content I disapproved of, including Back to the Future.
However, what I would like to know is this:
During the 1950s sequence–which I did not see–my understanding is that Fox’s character desperately tries to get his parents together to preserve his own existence. I recently read something–I forget the source–suggesting he even considered raping his mother to accomplish this!:eek: That is a horrifying thought. Am I anywhere near correct on this? :frowning:

Wait, you didn’t see the 1950s sequence of Back to the Future? That was really most of the movie. But to answer your question, yes he tries to get his parents together to preserve his existence, and no he doesn’t consider raping her.


Man, that thread is ten kinds of crazy.

Be that as it may, Justin, I am relieved that he didn’t do something that was ten kinds of illegal. :slight_smile:

Er, how would him raping his mother make his parents get together?

Well, technically the OP isn’t totally off base. His plan is to appear to molest her, but only long enough for his dad to notice and save the day.

Wow. I’ve got a problem with The Caine Mutiny too, but I don’t think it’s worth reviving an eleven-year-old thread for.

The plan doesn’t work as planned, since it turned out that instead someone else did try to have their way with her, and the dad saved the day for reals.

Also worth mentioning, as I recall, Fox’s character spent much of the movie avoiding the amorous advances of his mother (who, obviously, didn’t know he was her son from the future).

Actually, the plan really didn’t work because his mom found him attractive and was preparing to tolerate all kinds of “fresh” from him and even initiate sexual contact, stopping only when some (contrived, in hindsight) spider-sense told her things weren’t right. Had George shown up then, his presence would have seemed intrusive, not rescuing.

Why don’t you just watch the damn movie so you don’t have to make bizarre and embarrassing posts about it?

Yeah, it’s like commenting on The Wizard of Oz, after seeing only the Kansas parts.

Back to the Future is one of the best adventure movies ever made, it certainly is worth watching. I also love the sequels, though not everybody does.

…I loved the original, quite liked number two and love number three. One of the greatest movie trilogies of all time. You have good taste GuanoLad!


I don’t think there’s a law that specifically forbids you from impregnating your future mother with yourself. Just goes to show you how powerful the Time Travellers For Incest lobby is in Washington.

Motherfucking mother fuckers!

I think the crucial testimony came from P. Farnsworth:

shaking fist LAZARUSSSSS!

So you spent time and energy on pitting movies you disapprove of but admit that for at least one of those movies you had no idea what you were talking about? You’re one of those people who secretly has a framed photograph of Tipper Gore on your bedside table, too, right?