Critique my new website!

This is going to be the site for my production company. The site is intentionally simple, as there isn’t a need for much content. Essentially it’s “we make music, download a few samples, and contact us for further info.” I could probably include all the content in a single paragraph. Anyways, tell me the good, bad, etc.

Ignore the content, if any, for now.


i like the layout & colour scheme very much, but i’m partial to reds & greys on black background - some others might find it difficult to see, etc.

if, as you say, the content is going to be somewhat minimal you might want to consider consolidating everything onto one page (reduces bandwidth usage and load time to user) and using a little javascript to hide/show the relevant sections - to the end user it will appear the same as it does now, but all of the content will already be loaded so when they change from one page to the next it’ll be lightning quick.

basically each section becomes part of a named <div> and is then hidden (document.getElementById(DIVNAMEHERE).style.display=“none”:wink: or shown (document.getElementById(DIVNAMEHERE).style.display=“block”:wink: as needed; you can write a few simple functions around these to single out any specific menu link, etc.

I like it! It’s stylish without going overboard, and the board image is nice and subtle. It’s a clean and simple look, which I’m partial to. One thing that struck me is that I usually don’t like dark backgrounds with light text, because they mess with my eyes after I’ve been looking at tons of web pages that have dark text on light backgrounds, but your site didn’t bother me one bit. No weird optical-illusion transition period. Very nice. :slight_smile: It looks professional, too, IMO.

Just one question: is there a reason for all of the extra space at the bottom of the page? Maybe it’s just my browser and settings, but there are almost 4" of blank space below the square.

Do you have an example of this or a website you could point me to? I’m not quite following you here. Also I was thinking of bring the bottom up so it’s wider then tall like an envelope. Nothin looks worse then tons of space and a paragraph of content.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

ok each of your pages has the same layout except for the actual content, which i see is being stored in <DIV ID=“PAD”> on each page.

you could put this section from all of your pages into one page (just take any one of the pages and copy all of the <DIV ID=“PAD”>content</DIV> sections one after another.

then give each of them a unique name. instead of “PAD” make them “INDEX”, “PERSONNEL”, “MUSIC” etc etc

<div id="index">
we specialize...

<div id="personnel">
this is the personnel...

add a javascript function that hides all of these except for the default one:

function HideAll() {

put that function in your tag so it triggers when the page is loaded:

<body onLoad='HideAll();' rest of body stuff here>

add another function to single out any one area:

function ShowOne(target) {

and make your hyperlinks call this last function instead of loading a new page:

<a href="#" onClick="ShowOne('personnel');">personnel text or image here</a>

you can see this in action on a bridge website i put together; if you view the source you’ll see all this code being used just like this, except that my functions are a bit different - i have so many menu links i decided to store them in an array to make my code tidier. sample site

*note: i wrote all -this- code freehand so if something in that websites source differs from what i’ve put here it is more likely to be correct - i’m prone to typos :slight_smile:

Ah I think I get it. Basically I’ll be globally defining the layout, instead of pulling up a “new” website each time the button is clicked. Thanks for typing that out, it makes sense. One question though, what happens if someone doesn’t have Jscript enabled?

in that case, the page would look ridiculous. :slight_smile:

do people actually do that?

now that i think about it, the code i use won’t work on IE4 or NS4. if you want to use it and make sure it’s backwards compatible check out this link

Funny enough, my super fancy web tracking software I use on my other site says about 20% of people that come to my site have JS disabled.

you must run some kind of sub-culture site that attracts the world’s freaks! :stuck_out_tongue:

all kidding aside, you’ll want to ignore this route without javascript as all your content will then load visibly top down and be very confusing. i wonder if there’s anyway to detect javascript via some type of backend script (perl?) - but then you’d be loading it old style to those people anyway and causing yourself duplication of work whenever there’s changes.

Yeah, I think a lot of my friends are strange when it comes to using new browsers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I appreciate you giving the interface a thumbs up, and for the Jscript suggestion. I really have to knock this site out quickly so I think it’s pretty decent for something made in about 5 hours.

Set your screen resolution to 800x600 and have a look.

Many users use a lower resolution than what you have designed for, or don’t surf full-screen. In short, don’t assume your settiings are their settings. (Google ‘liquid design’ if you want to know how to allow for this)

My instructor says people usually do it to disable popups.

The site looks lovely so far.

That was me…forgot to log Susie Derkins out. :smack:

There’s one for your post count, Sissy. :wink:

I like the style of the graphics a lot.

I think the ‘PHASE 1’ logo/text looks a bit lost up there in the middle of that image - I’d have gone for something a bit more aggressive or chunky, or just bigger, or something. I’d flip the image behind it - at the moment, the least interesting part of it is uncovered (I suppose you could move the logo to the right hand side.

And the red underline of selected items seems a bit… plain… what about a red line above and below the selected item?

All that sounds far more critical than I intended it to be - I actually like the style of it quite a lot.

No website is complete without frames and MIDIs.


It looks terrible on my work computer. (IE6, Win 98, 800x600)

The graphic motif is nice, but you have to scroll right to see most of the image due to the resolution. I have to have it set at this resolution or I can’t use my work programs.

Thanks for all the responses, they all have merit. I’m working on a a chunkier logo, resolution friendly, more interesting background part showing, new and improved redline design.

Hmmm maybe I should use the blink tag on all my text? :stuck_out_tongue: