Critique This [re: Gospels]

I know several people in my home town who are spending all of their time looking for Jesus to come save the planet. This indicates a poor understanding of the Gospels. Jesus demonstrated generosity when he was here but he didn’t give everyone what they wanted. He gave them the tools (like a net to catch fish) that they needed to help themselves. Jesus may come help us, but we’re expected to do this ourselves. All of the individual information we need is available to most anyone on the planet. How many people have laughed at you for point out the madness of the world banking empire and its hold on the planet? All of the information is there but just a few of us even look at it, much less consider it. The same is true about the 10th planet that has been a part of our solar system for millenia. It’s there in the history books. It’s there in ancient texts. It’s there based on scientific inquiry. Why do we ignore one fantastic truth and ignore the other? The information on Nibiru has been poo-pooed, laughed at and ignored just like the information that the US government was somehow complicit in the 9/11 tragedy. If you like coverups and conspiracies, the event taking place in the solar system as we speak has been hidden in plain sight for the last 3500 years. We were all born into the middle of the great lie, we couldn’t have expected to know any better than what we’ve been taught all our lives. There may a new teacher or teachers with Doctorates in the theory of everything on the way and He, She or they are expecting us to have our homework finished…

You fill in the details


Food for thought (unless the censors here don’t want you to see it)

See how good your scientific eyes are. The clouds aside, notice the orbital pattern of the sun and stars in the sequence taken in the far south. What would cause this?


According to some; some other believers consider relying on anything other than faith in God is sinful. I recall reading about a lawsuit trying to ban The Wizard of Oz from a school because it’s sinful that Dorothy could escape from Oz by clicking her heels together by her own efforts instead of by relying on God to do it.

Not this again. There’s no such Doom Planet, science hasn’t discovered it because it doesn’t exist, and the ancients were ignorant, clueless primitives not fonts of wisdom.

Cool story, bro.

I’ll critique it!

It’s bollocks.

How did the ancients know about planet 10 when they didn’t know about planets 6 though nine?

You know what I hope Jesus comes soon to save us from? Ridiculous “censors” comments like this one and lame youtube videos proffered as evidence for silly conspiracy theories.

When it flew by it had a big #10 marked on the side, so they knew which one it was.

Millenia isn’t very long. I wouldn’t consider something a part of our solar system until it’s been around for at least a billion years. You’re probably just thinking of a comet or something.

Huh? They knew about Saturn.

Using just one sentence, could you tell us what the topic of this debate is?

In all seriousness, I think the OP is suggesting the 9/11 attacks involved extraterrestrials.

Not unless they were controlled by the illuminati.

The Curiosity rover just spent over 8 months traveling about 350 million miles to land on mars. It landed about 250 meters from its intended target point, an astonishingly pinpoint landing. In order to aim that precisely, the flight planners had to take into account the gravity of every major body in the solar system. Therefore, ‘Nibru’ either does not exist, or is so small as to not have any meaningful gravitational effect on the solar system.

It is not a debate; it is witnessing for a deluded belief that was created by some guy lacking any knowledge of history some time after the 1930s.

I missed this. So, OP; how long before you trot out the rest of the tropes to go along with this? When do you plan to “cite” The Protocols?

Or, what normal people just call ‘religion.’

Why exactly do they not want us to know about this Niburu?

And how exactly did the OP find out, not to mention why exactly do they let him tell others?

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. [/jmt]

Actually I wasn’t counting Earth since they didn’t know it was a planet and I got goofy on the counting.