Crock Pot Soup recipes

As a spinoff to the original crockpot recipes thread, I would like to hear about good soup recipes that you can make in a crock pot.


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The easiest one I know of is

V-8 juice for liquid,and for flavor (It also makes the meat tender)

clove of garlic chopped

Seasonings to taste.

Potatos, carrots & celery cut into chunks.

Meat, cut to what ever size you prefer.

Some frozen or canned vegs, peas, corn or whatever you like.

Put it all into the crock pot,put it all on low to med. heat( depending on how long you want to let it cook) execpt the canned/frozen stuff, save that till about 30 mins. to an hour before you want to eat, then add them . And put the pot on high while the veggies cook.

Check for liquid content, add more if it gets too thick. This should not be a problem if you cook it on med. or low heat.

You can use vegtable broth instead of V-8 if you don’t like the taste of tomatos, and add some cabbage and other vegtables to make it more of a stick to your ribs type of soup.

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Here are approx. 100 crockpot soup recipes: