Cross-platform performace comparison?

I did a few google searches and didn’t find what I was looking for:

I have a 233MHz pentium (RedHat 7.0), a 233MHz RS/6000 (PPC-based - AIX 5L) and a 85MHz sparc 5 (Solaris 2.6). They’re all pretty equally configured in terms of memory, storage, etc.

I want to find some way of comparing the three of them WRT integer and floating-point math performance. Actually, I’d rather find some one who’s already done said comparison and read their results, as I’m lazy.

Are there any test suites available? Any write-ups from some one who’s already done similar tests? Anyone with similar experience want to share their results?


BYTE Magazine used to have the BYTEMark which was compiled to run on several different platforms. You could check their site to see if BYTEMark is still available.

Well - for just raw integer and floating-point performance I would look at SPECint95/SPECfp95 results and find comparable machines - look here: