Cross Stitch Pattern fo Greek Letters

I am a member of a greek letter organization and I’d like to create a cross stitch design with our greek letters on it, but I can’t find a pattern anywhere. I’ve looked all over the web to no avail.

If anyone knows of a site that offers (preferably free) patterns of greek letters I’d be much apreciative.

Thanks in advance,
DoperChic (who is now hopelessy addicted to cross stiching)

If you Google “Cross Stitch Software” you can find programs that will take any graphic you have in your computer and convert it to a pattern.

For example:

I have never used any of the programs so I don’t know what exactly to look for. But if you like to cross stitch a lot, the investment into a program might just be your thing.

Woah, that’s cool.

And here I was thinking of whipping out graph paper and drawing it up by hand! I guess I just don’t think of stitching and sewing in terms of cutting edge technology. Who knew?!?

Wow. You’d think there’d be plenty of free patterns for something like this, but I can’t find them!

I did find one small alphabet:

I have PCStitch, and would be happy to do you a pattern and email it to you, but I haven’t actually been all that thrilled with the software. It isn’t all that great, IMO. For something simple like Greek letters, you may really be better off grabbing some graph paper and colored pencils.

Thanks guys. I have found hundreds of patterns for letters, but none for greek letters. Well at least nothing for free, that is. I found one site that wanted $39.99 for a greek letter pattern. $39.99!!!:eek:

Genie, the letters that I would want are Alpha (equivalent to a regular English A), Phi (it looks like a small letter o with a capital I through the center) and Omega (looks sorta like an upside down horseshoe). The actual letters can be viewed by opening Microsoft Word, going to “insert symbol” and looking under the symbol font.

I’ve tried the whole graphing method, but I have absolutely no drawing talent whatsoever. It all came out really funky looking.

Genie, I would be soooo appreciative if you’d be able to make those patterns for me. My email addy is in my profile. If it takes too much time, just let me know.


What do you mean by cross-stitching? Combining the letters to form some sort of logo? It’s easy to do that in Adobe Illustrator if that’s what you mean…

I am not completely sure but I think you are missing Cross Stitching with computer graphics.

Cross Stitching is a form of needlework and for someone to use Illustrator (retails on Amazon in the US for $419.99) for such a thing would be ummm, ludicrious.

Cross stitching involves different thread colors in an X pattern that can either be by counted (you count across for a specific color till you end up with the next color) or by a stamped pattern on mostly a specific fabric. The fabric is designed specifically for cross stitch but some do (bravely with good eyes) on linen.

Think of the threads per inch (or cm) on your bed sheets. That’s a similar way to look at it but hard to explain in text.

I wasn’t completely clear but if you have a craft store, go in and inquire about cross stitch and you will know better what we are talking about.

DoperChic - the link I provided was for a Greek alphabet.