Crossword clue explanation

The Nov 19, 2020 Vox crossword had a clue “10 Downing Street”.

The answer was PICABO, which I got by guessing A since I had the rest of the letters.

No idea why, though. The only Google reference tying them together are on cheat sites providing the answer. Help?

Could have something to do with Picabo Street, the US skier from a few years ago. The Downing might have something to do with skiing down a hill, and Street is her last name. Otherwise, I’ve got nothing.

Was SKI by any chance the answer at 10 Down? (If so: 10 Downing Street = “10 Down”-ing Street = Skiing Street = PICABO.)

Yes, it was.

Well, isn’t that clever - thanks.

A little digging I also found that she skied competitively for 10 years. The correct reason for the clue is that when answering one across it also highlighted 10 down.