Crossword Clue Game

  1. Fried’s pairing with rock
  2. Kaiser, for one
  3. Analog photo spool
  1. Rock counterpart
  2. Euphemism for sexual activity in livestock fodder
  3. Tumble dice
  1. Junior partner of shake and rattle
  2. With dinner, appetizer
  3. Sexytime in the hay
  1. Kaiser is one
  2. BTO does it down the highway
  3. What you never want your car to do

This answer made me think about it for a minute. You’re up, @pulykamell.


We haven’t had any Os yet, so lets go wtih:


  1. Colorful principality ceded to France in a 1713 treaty
  2. Apple comparison
  3. South African river
  1. Unrhymable word, for the most part
  2. Fruit color
  3. Syracuse mascot
  4. It’s the new black
  5. Blue Moon garnish
  1. No rhyme or reason?
  2. Knock knock joke answer
  3. Sunshine State offering
  1. Bryant juice
  2. Nam agent
  3. Clockwork color
  1. The O in the O.C.
  2. Ruler William or mall fixture Julius
  3. Hunter’s “don’t shoot!”

I was trying to work something up for Anita. Well done!

I actually like #2 here (but the Nam would usually imply a similarly abbreviated or colloquial answer in at least New York Times crossword convention). I had to look up what #1 meant, and I like it as a clever pop culture reference, so between the two, off you go!

Thanks, pulykamell. For the next word, let’s try:



OK, this time:

  1. Part of a royal flush
  2. Mary of Long Beach
  3. Mercury group?
  1. Followed a night at the opera with a day at the races?
  2. Anne or Victoria, historically
  3. Juice Newton’s card
  1. Killer who’s dynamite with a laser beam
  2. Jane Grey for nine days
  3. Mattress size

I’m surprised there were no chess references.

I’ve gotta give it to:

@SunUp, you’re up!

I was trying to remember back to high school chemistry about which group Hg was in. Turns out they’ve changed the numbering scheme, and now it’s ‘12’.

No Y’s yet… let’s go with


  1. Not a rebel
  2. A type of bean
  3. A man in a pin-stripped suit?