Crossword Clue Game

  1. New, colloquially
  2. With X, text me?
  3. Nike, et al.
  1. Bovine logo
  2. Katy Perry Ex
  3. New modifier

This one made me think, so it will take this round:

You’re up, @panache45 !

Thanks, Spoons. Let’s try:


  1. Part of a command to Danno
  2. Throw it at them
  3. Part of ISBN
  4. A well-read worm
  5. A kind of mobile
  1. Reserve a room
  2. A chiropracter cannot help its spine
  3. Ford in “Witness”
  1. One story in a library?
  2. Fahrenheit 451 target
  3. Sign to perform
  1. Shepherd of Serenity?
  2. Record of bets
  3. “Numbers”, or where your accountant writes them down.
  1. The Bible is a “good” one
  1. Determine the outcome of a match
  2. Thrown at lawbreakers
  3. Cooked by an unethical accountant
  1. Leave fast, in old slang
  2. Vegas sports room
  3. Inspiration for many a movie
  4. Genesis or Jude

Several good ones, but this one tickled me:

You’re up, @SunUp.

Thank you! That one harkened back to an old riddle I liked when I was growing up.

But next, let’s go for:


  1. Rolling rubber
  2. Work out too much?
  3. A unicycle has one
  1. Bore
  2. Flag
  3. Muffin top is a spare one
  4. A buyer may kick one

I liked the minimalism of this one.

Rebo, you’re up!


It was fun because of the multiple meanings, like


  1. Whale tail
  2. Happy unexpected occurrence
  3. Parasitic flatworm
  1. The part of an anchor that catches the ground.
  2. Distinguishes aquatic mammal.
  3. Fortuity not expected to repeat itself.