Crossword Clue Game

  1. Woo
  2. Judge Judy’s home
  3. Yard or room starter
  1. Ball room?
  2. Sovereign’s residence
  1. Date or woo
  2. Place of WTA or legal contests
  3. Precedes house or yard

@Wheelz , can we get a judgment on COURT?

Sorry for the delay. Gonna go with

Back to you, @Spoons !

Thanks! This time, let’s see what all of you can do with


  1. _ O’ Lakes
  2. Planes have to.
  3. _ Ahoy!
  4. “You have,to come in pretty low to _ these things”
  5. Polaroid camera
  1. Subject of a Guthrie tune
  2. Hook and reel in
  3. Fin or ice ending
  1. home or mother
  2. ___sakes!
  3. Waterworld quest

This one took me a minute, because there are so many possibilities, given that the “tune” part could be referring to a tune by either Arlo or Woody:

Loks like it’s your turn, @SunUp !