Crossword Clue Game

This round goes to Rebo for:

OK everybody, Be Prepared for the next word!

How about… OTHER

  1. Not this or that
  2. Common poll option
  3. Adjective for an unfaithful husband’s woman
  1. Sometimes follows “an”
  2. Precedes wise or worldly
  3. Part of a parent’s title
  1. Opposite of Same, to Derrida
  2. Definite partner of this and that
  3. Final multiple-choice option, maybe?

@Rebo …?

Sorry! I forgot about this. You’re up, @SunUp !

All right… let’s go with


  1. Growing medium
  2. Potting is one kind
  3. Get dirty
  1. Defile
  2. Native land
  3. A baby can do this to a diaper
  1. Terroir component
  2. Have an accident, maybe?
  3. Loam or clay

I’m handing this one to Spoons for

because if I encountered this clue in the wild, I’d probably write in “AGAR” without a thought and then curse myself when I came back to the crossing words. Just part of what makes a crossword fun for me.

You’re up, Spoons!

Thanks! This time around, let’s try …


  1. Butter or house
  2. Price-y insect?
  3. Stylish
  1. Outfield out
  2. Unwelcome soup ingredient
  3. J-Lo was one of these Girls
  1. Pilot’s purpose
  2. Airborne
  3. Levitate
  1. Miss the ground
  2. Tent topper
  3. Can be zipped or buttoned

This one has to go to @Wheelz , for making me laugh with this one:

You’re up, Wheelz!

Thanks, Spoons!

Let’s try SNAKE

  1. Plissken
  2. Plumber’s helper
  3. Garter or coral