Crossword Puzzles Make Me Feel Stupider!

Ugh, I am trying to do the crossword in yesterday’s paper and I just cannot do it very well. I can never do crossword puzles well. Clues that should be easy just don’t come to me until I get like half the letters in there. Then I am smacking my forhead . I mean I feel like the clue could be for a three letter word, “Canine” and I would have to be spotted the D and the O before I got it. I think of myself as a pretty smart guy, but when it comes to fricking crossword puzzles I feel more like a S-M-R-T guy.

I do the Sunday New York Times puzzle every Sunday in ink correctly. [Well, not every week]
And I’m just a regular puzzler. So you have some practicing to do.
But Saturday ones can trip me up because they sometimes include symbols like “@” or “&” as though they were spelled out.