I solved today's NYT crossword with no help!

This is probably not a big deal to a lot of you, but this is the first time that I’ve ever managed to completely and correctly solve a Saturday puzzle with no assistance of any kind. I feel I have climbed some sort of personal mountain. And, my time was 15:15.


<highfive> Wayt’go MsWhatsit! </highfive> You are now officially a crossnerd.

Of course you know this means that Monday thru, oh, at least Wednesday x/ws will be no fun at all for you anymore. You may even nod off part way through Sunday’s. Unless you go for the diagramlesseses. (Me, I can’t do 'em because my brain will barely process imaginary visual space.)

Congrats again! That’s great. Hell, it takes me 15min to solve the easy Dictonary.com puzzle. How do you remember all those obscure words?
Lot’s of fun, aren’t they?? :slight_smile:

Thanks, guys. Jake, one thing I’ve discovered since doing the crossword on a regular basis is that it usually isn’t so much about knowing obscure words (although sometimes it is), it’s about figuring out the obscure clues. Lots of times the actual answer is a common phrase or relatively common word, but you have to apply puzzle-solving skills to get there from the given clue.

Beware of Doug, I actually like the Monday-Tuesday crosswords, because it makes me feel really smart to be able to finish a crossword in 5 minutes or less. :wink:

Just keep in mind that people in persistent vegetative states have been known to finish the Monday-Tuesday puzzles in less than 10. :wink: