Crucifixion still done?

I have heard several times that some Muslim countries have laws that specify crucifixion as punishment for some crimes (mainly things like apostasy, blasphemy, etc.), but I have never heard of this punishment actually being applied in modern times. I believe that such laws do exist, but I suspect that they are basically for scare, and are not actually used. Does anyone know if there are countries with such laws, and have they actually carried out any crucifixions?

I don’t think any countries have it on the books as that specific method of execution, but I do believe that it has been carried out that way on occasion in the Sudan.

This also may have been the subject of a post about 6 months or a year ago.

Are the Penitentes of New Mexico still crucifying each other? Extremist Catholics. There’s a group in the Philippines that still does that. Saw them on TV. What is it about the Spanish version of Catholicism that drives these hombres around the bend?