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M preacher and several students at school say thats Bin Ladin’s men killed in the name of religion. They say that kiiling other religions is fine by Islamic standards. They say that dying for you nation, even suicice is great, and it will take you to heaven…is this true?

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A short summary of what you’ll find in that other thread, which you should very definitely read:

Your preacher and those students are mistaken. This is more or less the exact opposite of what mainstream Islam teaches.

On the other hand, that is what bin Laden teaches, and many people (including, presumably, most of his followers) believe that that is Islamic teaching. There is a real problem here; it’s just that the wrong folks are getting blamed for it.

I’ll close this thread since this subject has been discussed here in GQ so recently. I direct all remaining unanswered questions to the earlier thread, Does the Koran Say That It is Ok to Kill Non Muslims?

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