please...ask before you Kill (the other)!!!about islam

So sallma – where are you from?

What does Islam say about plagiarism?

My camel’s breath tastes like camel food.

September 11, 2001.

That is all that needs to be said regarding quite a few Muslims and their willingness to kill without a state of war. If none exists, then they make one up in order to rationalize mass murder.

It is good to see that those few true Scotsmen are alive and well.

The ability to rationalize mass murder is a human trait, I’m afraid, and is not exclusive to any particular group of believers (or, indeed, non-believers).

The same could be said of quite a few Christians.


Does christianity have a large subgroup (up to 100 million people) of neo-fascists in it that want to destroy their idealogical enemies or impose their ideas by force? Maybe 1000 years ago.

Now thats an interesting notion. When was the last time any atrocity was commited based on christian beliefs? Modern atrocities were commited for greed of money, political power, territorial disputes, cultural bias. When has there been a true modern crusade?

If life where this forum, I would call “strawman” to this christian vs Islam debate. Christians dont go about destroying buildings, malls and busloads of people for God.

on the flip side, where does Balkan muslim ethnic cleansing fit in all of this?

Umm, do we allow hit-and-run plargiarised spam (glurge spam, yet!) on this Board? Shouldn’t this thread be closed, and if anyone else wants to start an actual debate or ask a real question, start a new one?

There are parts of Belfast where they might disagree with you.

In any case, the original glurge is most likely an utter fraud. Notice the following:

This was not written by a native speaker of English. In English, we do not talk about “the human rights”. Likewise “believed in the freedom of the Iraqi people” and “kill non-Muslims without war” sound to me far more like what somebody speaking, say Arabic, would write–or at least what I’ve seen written by native speakers of Arabic when they are writing English.

Thus, can we add fraud to what Muslims will do for their cause?

Now, can you prove that this means that NO MUSLIMS EVER DO THE SAME THING???
The same can be said of QUITE A FEW ATHEISTS! Remember the Red Brigade? Remember Pol Pot?

Please prove that there murderous Christians means that there are no murderous Muslims.

Why are we arguing about a sock puppet’s spam? Remember that poster, Ask About Islam, with his huge multi-colored sig that was a web link to his ask about islam page?

A white supremecist would have been banned & this thread closed by now for doing the same thing. (I would agree with the banning & thread closing, BTW).

I agree. This has been briefly diverting, but ultimately pointless. We’ll never hear from sallma again.

At the very least, now we’ve got glimpses of the depths of ignorance from some of the posters here.

:rolleyes:, indeed.

Yeah, but you’re forgetting the unofficial SDMB rule: any mention of negative characteristics about Islam or it’s adherents must be accompanied by similiar negative remarks about Christians, or else you’re a dirty racist!! Then you’re supposed to unthinkingly repeat the mantra “Islam is a peaceful religion” over and over until you manage to convince yourself it’s true.

Just to prove Christians can be evil too i will fly a remote controlled plane into a lego building! Jihad!

(this thread is dumb and needs to be killed)

Anti-Muslim bigotry = good, Anti-Christian bigotry = bad. Gotcha.

FWIW I think this whole Anti-Muslim sh1t is just as stupid as that Anti-French sh1t, and a tad more stupid then all the ultra-nationistic sh1t going around. I second the death of this thread.