Cruel trick of nature or: I finally found something to post about in MPSIMS. YAYYY!

I’ve known this for a long time, but I’ve just been thinking about it tonight while trying to write a story.

Namely, The tough thing I’ve found about writing, or any artisitic expression, is that since what one sees is often colored by experiences and world view(or indeed, world view that is created by experiences), it is hard to judge how someone else will see said piece of artistic expression. It can’t be done strictly from a logical point of view, with, I guess is what seperates art and science.

The interesting thing is, I am good at the sciences, but it doesn’t give me a lot of satifaction. I always did well in science and math, but math, for example, bores me stiff. On the other hand, I quite enjoy the arts, though my endevours at creating my own have been less sucessful then I want. Yet I enjoy it quite a bit more, even the unfinished or unsucessful works.

The paradox of my life. If I like to do it(art), I’m likely not good at it. If I’m good at it(science), I don’t like to do it. There’s a middle ground, but it’s narrow.

I’ve been told I have a logical mind, so why is it that I like the creative stuff so much more? A cruel trick of nature? A strangely wired brain(is there some kind of brain/mind specialist in the house?)? too much of a generalist to ever be much of a specialist?

I’m not expecting answers to these questions, or even responses to this post. I just felt I should get it off my chest.

You need IMO to find a form of art or creativity that also requires logic/maths/science. Eg webpage design - you could do the back end and the front end.

Also, if you like creating, just create. It doesn’t matter if it’s bad/unpopular. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t sell and you can’t make a career out of it. If you enjoy it, get a well-paid 9-5 with your science background and spend lots of your leisure time doing artistic stuff.

Keep experimenting with different types of art, you may find something that’s exactly you.

If you’re still at school you have loads of time to decide - you could major in maths then minor in art if you’re in the US.

From the above, you can obviously write, so maybe that’s your thing.

This description fits me to a tee. Although I’m pretty good at math and science, it bores me. In my free time, I build models, and over the years have gradually gravitated from model cars (which are mostly technologically oriented–fitting together various parts to build a hot rod) to figures (which are mostly artistically oriented–paint this little lady so she looks real).

I’ll never be much of an artist, but I find it relaxing. Perhaps you ought to look into a hobby with artistic aspects…like modelling, perhaps?

I’d say this describes me fairly accurately also.

Like Rocketeer, I did some HO railroad modelling, mostly structures. Always wanted to do a diorama but never got to it. Making the miniature look real keeps my interest.

What I found that I really like is pen-and-ink drawing. It is artistic, yet appeals to the detail/analytic (OK, anal) side of me.

For writing, I have found poetry (using rhyme and meter) to be a fit for both my right and left brain too. Free verse is easier, but not as intellectually rewarding.


I used to do modeling, but I could never get the painting part down. Perhaps my hand is too shakey.

Well, I’ve found the one art I really enjoy, and probably have the best chance of getting good at it is writing. I have a small story collection on my hard drive(and backed up, of course), but they aren’t at the stage of being publishable material (for various reasons I won’t list here). Not sure if I’d want to do it professionally, if for no other reason that I’d rather not have it become a chore (That and being a professional writer does not make nessicerily make you a good writer). My friends like my stuff, but it’s a ludecrously small sample. That and I have to pump them for critcism to find the weak spots which I have difficultly accuratly assessing, being too close to it .An example: Things I think are going to be mentioned as not making sense or as being bad are never mentioned, and things I didn’t think were a problem do come up. Kinda what I was talking about everyone seeing something in a different way because things are invariably colored by your worldview.

Strangely, in a different direction, I’ve found I kinda like cooking (A way of paying the rent in leu of being broke). It seems, to me anyway, like a combination of science (following directions) and art (making changes of your own to perhaps enhance the dish). Though after doing it for a while, It seems overrated a skill(because it seems pretty simple to learn).