Help me with my Homework (Creative writing course)

This week in my creative writing course I’ve got to write a short piece of fiction about pain. It can’t be longer than about 1500 words. I’ve got quite a few ideas for the story but they’re all pretty cliche so I’ve come to the teeming millions for help.

I’m not asking for any of you to give me any actual ideas but if anyone out there is aware of any good philosophical treatises on pain just so I have a chance of finding an original angle on this topic I’d be very appreciative and solemnly swear to reciprocate with copious amounts of beer (or whatever) should we ever meet at a dopefest.

Thanks everyone!

Well, I would never drink, a large donation to my church would be nice. :slight_smile:

Seriously, one thing I’ve found is tht no matter how old you get, stuffed animals are still very helpful. Elderly peple are getting them in nursing homes and the fear, etc. they sense goes away b/c they are reminded of serene, tranquil times when young. I used stuffed animals to help me talk through problems in my professionw hen I realized I was getting overburdened and enough stuff was confidential. They helped me realize I’m very much a Radar (the MAS*H character) and was just fooling myself into believing I could handle the tough world of litigation; I now do only wills, estates, and probate and love it again, as I’m helping people, building them up and not thinking about having to tear anyone down.

Hope that helps; it’s probably very unique :slight_smile:

Maybe you should try writing creatively instead.

Pain is the thorn in my side, boy do I hate it.