Cruising vs. Assisted Living/Nursing Home

Terminal Cruising vs Assisted Living/Nursing Homes One of the basic problems with the cruise scenario is medical costs outside the US are not covered by Medicare, so other insurance (that covers care outside the country - not common) or deep pockets are required. Having experienced cruise ship bathrooms, there is little, if any room for assistance in a normal cabin; and as far as seat risers or similar adaptations go, they would pretty much require land-type facilities, which might be available in some of the handicapped-accessible rooms (which I haven’t seen). The other question would be what class handicapped-accessible rooms would be, which would affect the cost.

My basic question was: Am I the only person this never occured to?

The study Cecil cited compared “a permanent cruise and an assisted living facility, which serves seniors who need help with daily activities but not constant attention” and the original question asked about an endless cruise as an alternative to the old folk’s home. However, if you’re retired and still in good health, so not ready for the old folk’s home or in need of help with daily activities, an endless cruise becomes even more appealing.

I went on a cruise a few years ago that sailed out of Port Canaveral, Florida. Seated at our 8-person dinner table the first evening was a retired widow. She lived very near the port and went on cruises all the time- not quite the same as the scenario in Cecil’s column, since she maintained a residence in town.

She was able to cruise very cheaply because she could take advantage of last-minute bargains. If the ship has unsold cabins when the sail date approaches, the cruise line will let them go for a very low price since it’s better than leaving them empty. The retired widow could leave on a moment’s notice and take a taxi to the dock, so no airplane ticket was required- a big part of the expense for most cruisers.

She knew all the crew members by name (including the Captain) and they all knew her. She said she didn’t usually leave the ship when it arrived in the various ports since she had seen them all so many times. She just enjoyed being on board, eating the food and meeting people. Not a bad retirement if you ask me!

there was a lady named beatrice muller (aka BEE) who lived on board the QE2 (queen elizabeth 2) until the ship was turned into a hotel in dubai


no one seems top know where she went after the QE2 docked in dubai…maybe home to new jersey…


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