Cryptic overlaps

Yes it is.

Both players strained at the tight game of Senet (5)


yes …

No beginning nor end have the wise remarks of a Nobleman (4)

Earl (pearls [of wisdom] with first and last letters removed)


I’ve read The Yearling tons of times in the National Cemetery. (9)


We made a pact to put this metal in the shade. (7)

“We made a pact” is the definition part, and the rest is a container.

TONTINE (this metal = TIN, inside the shade = TONE)

6.02214076×10^23 scrambled red Muppets (4)


Stranger ocean is epic, so they say (7)

ODYSSEY (Oddest Sea)


Less lychee nuts for island group (10)

Seychelles (anagram less lychee)

Weather report says cloudy days ahead? (6)

The weather report is teaching the xxxxxx that you can expect to see xxxx xxx.

LESSON (less sun)

Parody site circles around appetizer (5, 5)

Onion rings

Sara endlessly sups on many small fish (8)

Sara endlessly sups on many small fish (8)

Sardines (Sara - a + dines)


Quite unavoidable: Abe’s pelican exploded (11)


Robot takes left, turns into appliance (7)

Robot takes left, turns into appliance (7)

BLENDER (B-(l)-ender)


Ridicule Ironside remake. (8)

DERISION (anagram)

That wild ass tore apart a citrus fruit. (6)

ONAGER (anagram of ORANGE)

Many things are wrong about the rodent auricle. (6)