Daniel said:

Yep. Enormous varanids lived in the Pleistocene in northern Australia (Queensland IIRC), very similar to the Komodo dragon but about 2.5 times the size. Extinct c. 10,000 years ago, again IIRC. It is probably a capital crime but nonetheless irresistable to refer to them as the Thunderful Lizard of Oz.

HubZilla wrote:

Not if we’re talking about the pre-Crisis Superman, he wouldn’t.

I swear, the old Kal El could shrug off hydrogen bombs and throw whole star systems half way across the galaxy.

The truth, as always, is more complicated than that.

Age will get to all of us, tracer, even Kryptonians! :slight_smile:

“I swear, they’re not making superheroes like they used to when I was young. Why, I remember when…” :wink:

Found the reference to the Komodo dragon on steroids in Ice Age Australia. It was approximately the weight and volume of a VW Bug, though a little lower and substantially longer. Genus name was Megalania.

Apropos of nothing except that it will tickle the funny bone of a number of posters, contemporary with the above critter was a giant python, named, s’help me Cthulhu, Montypythonoides.