CSI 5/16 (Spoiler warning)

The nine o’clock CSI creeped me out for some reason—particularly the image of the woman gouging away at her own skin.

What was the 10 o’clock CSI like?

It wasn’t the best CSI by far, but at least we ca’t say we saw the real story coming. Actually, I did think of it midway through, but I thought it was ridiculous and brushed it aside, and I had the reason wrong too. That’s why I’ll never be a crime scene investigator.

The 10 o’clock was a rerun from what I think was last season - “The Strip Strangler.” Brief synopsis:

Grissom and friends investigate the latest in a series of murders, but the sheriff calls the FBI in and the such.

The feds try to set Sara up as a decoy, and Grissom gets kicked off the case for being impolitic after who he believes to be the wrong man is arrested, but he solves the case anyway, since his friends keep him posted. Catherine kills the real serial killer in a shoot-out at the end.

Science stuff:

The killer shaved all his body hair so as to not leave any DNA at the scene, and he planted semen borrowed from a male prostitute that he kept in ketchup packets. The killer was a security guard from a gym, IIRC, who was looked at when he tried to lead Grissom on the wrong trail by claiming he saw someone speed away from the scene of the crime, “burning rubber.” They looked at the street and there were no recent skid marks. Also, a white cottonous fiber was present at at least one crime scene, turns out they were gym towels from where he worked.

I’ll tell you, if the “Strip Strangler” show was the first CSI I had watched, I would have written off the entire show.

It was cliched (FBI agents messing up the local cops’ investigation. Smart cop gets taken off the case but solves it anyway. How many million times have we seen that?). The “mystery” was obvious (See Ebert’s Law of Conservation of Characters). It was filled with fake gotchas (where something harmless jumps out at the character to give the audience a cheap scare. They do this twice). And Grissom was an idiot to go after the killer alone.

My first CSI experience was last night, watching that rat come out of the dead chick’s mouth. I almosty lost it but persevered to see what all the fuss was about. I am glad I stuck with it but I still get creeped out by that rat tail coming out of her mouth…

I could have lived quite nicely for the rest of my life without seeing last night’s episode. I found it more vaguely creepy than most of the shows - I like just a plain, old-fashioned whodunit, with clues that we can use to figure out whodunit, and just enough twists to keep us guessing. They don’t ALL have to be creepy psychological crap.

CSI’s been consistently creepier as of late…last night’s part with the rat, and the entire cat lady episode a couple weeks ago where an eight year old girl commits a murder.