CSI 10/10 Spoilers

So, people of Scandanavian descent are allergic to mold? Huh?

That thing with the cheerleader was appropriately gross. I know Sara asked why no one heard her scream…was that ever explained? Also, her little “Don’t Do Drugs” speech at the end was so preachy I rolled my eyes.

I did not think it was ethical for Grissom to experiment on Greg without his knowledge. I was shocked at that.

Still, a nice, creepy show.

The whole cheerleader subplot was just plain gross. Where the hell did they get the idea for that?

I think the idea was that people of Scandinavian descent were allergic to that particular mold, not mold in general.

Wonder when Grissom’s gonna fess up to his hearing loss. Last week made it pretty obvious that he can’t hold out on his staff for too long.

That whole subplot was straight out of “Reefer Madness”. Pure agitprop.

Did the Drug Czar write last night’s episode? He forgot to put in the part about the girl putting the baby in the oven while high on PCP. :rolleyes:

See, kids, this is what happens when you do drugs. You eat your friends, catch a bad case of e-coli, puke your guts out AND go to jail. Drugs are bad, m’kay?

I’ve decided that I hate CSI. I watched it yesterday for, I think, the third or fourth time. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but it’s boring. It’s a boring show. It has so much potential, though.

Oh, well. I’m sure they won’t miss me as a viewer.

CSI is one of my favorites but they sure got a little too preachy for my taste last night. I fully expected an after-show blurb with a drug hotline number or something.
One thing that I didn’t understand was how did skin appear in the boy’s stomach contents if the doped-up girl was the one eating it? The flashback didn’t show him doing it, it only showed him with his head in his hands.
The other storyline was pretty interesting and I think I might have been more grossed out by the repeated showing of the guy having his head bonked against the side of the pool and then sliding slooowly down the rough side. Ouch.

However, if Grissom had approached ME with a swab and ordered me to take off my shoes, I think I’d run. Or call a lawyer.

I said the same thing… it was like one of those “the more you know” commercials. It was cheesy!!!

I think there was a quick flash of the guy’s mouth smeared with blood and a crazed look in his eye, in the beginning when Sara thinks he did it before they compare his dental impression to that on the bone (and again, ick). But then how does that jive with the later flashback of the cheerleader kneeling by the body in the background, and the guy throwing up onto the grass? Seemed like he wasn’t so into it then.

Actually, one flashback showed him gnawing at something, but the frame was cropped enough (and was such a saturated green colour) that it wasn’t clear if he was chewing on something or sucking his thumb like a big, crazed baby. The puking on the grass happened before the eating. He threw up as a reaction when the girl was murdered and then bitten.

Dunno what would have motivated him to join in on the feasting though. Oh, wait. That would have been the PCP, right. Turns you into a flesh eating monster.

Ew… first Gnarl on Buffy, then CSI… I’ve had my fill for the week. (Er, no pun intended.)

I actually liked CSI until the last episode. The whole 'Cheerleader wacked on PCP eats other Cheerleader" thing was just stupid (Note, I was once held hostage by a guy on PCP so I think I have a clue about this).

I think that these types shows are going over the top in an effort to get ratings. “Law & Order” did a simular thing in the last episode I saw.

It’s sad because the show was pretty good before.


Yeah, I’m chalking this up to a bad episode. Methinks the whole “eat the cheerleader” was just a gratuitous gross-out thing that was ill-advised.

Hopefully, it was just a bad fluke – I’m hoping it’s not some kind of “let’s out-do CSI Miami” trend where they start trying to “really push the envelope” in a competitive ratings war. The show works best when it’s subtle and “thinky.”

It better be a GOOD episode next week.

I really love CSI but I agree that last Thursday’s episode was too far over-the-top. Rein it back in, guys! We really don’t need no fast-food cheerleaders to keep us interested! (And how long does it take for e.coli to get to the raging point anyway?) But I digress. . .
I do not like CSI MIAMI. Why? I don’t like David Caruso’s character. Or maybe it’s David Caruso I don’t like. And Kim Delaney is playing her character as if she were still on NYPD BLUE. Come on, girl. . . is this all you can do?

I agree with most posts - last show was too over the top and too preachy.

Question: If the victim had e.coli, why wasn’t she sick when we saw her in flashback? Or was the point that when the bad kids ate her (ewww), they got the e. coli from her intestines? I couldn’t follow…

As for CSI: Miami - don’t like it. Don’t like Caruso’s character, and I wish there was a whole lot more Emily Proctor and a whole lot less Kim Delany…

Yeah, I’m starting to dislike CSI - the ‘and remember this if anyone tells you experimenting with drugs doesn’t hurt anyone’ bit was just absurd, especially after the PCP-canibal bit. Grissom has apparently lost his mind, if my boss infected me with a disease for fun he’d be talking to my lawyer the next day, and he’s such an ass to the team in general that I’m losing interest in the show and sympathy for him - at first he struck me as eccentric, but the ‘experiment on my employees’, ‘you’re just here to observe what I do’ and ‘how dare you be an hour away on your day off’ stuff makes it so that I don’t really care that he’s going deaf.

I also wish they’d stick to remotely realistic tech and laws - some of what they do is reasonable, but the ‘we’re going to zoom in and enhance this grainy picture to turn 2 pixels in the background into a detailed face’ thing gets old fast, and I’ve noticed a few inconsistancies with real laws (Nevada doesn’t have gun registration AFAIR). I liked it as sort of a murder mystery show with some good effects and music, and the twists and turns are usually entertaining, but it’s losing its hold on me.

Wordman, the point was that the bad kids got ecoli and that was how they identified it.