Remember "CSI"? The show that was dead to me? Well guess what. [spoilers]

This is awkward.

“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” starts its tenth [!] season on Thursday. I know what I wrote, and Grissom is still gone, and Warrick is still dead.

But… [del]my TV girlfriend[/del] Jorja Fox is back for at least five episiodes, including the premiere. So I figured I’d at least look for the clips online. And then this showed up on YouTube: CSI: - Season 10 Preview. After boggling at that six or seven times I gave up and resigned myself to watching the premiere. Who else here is going to see it?

Speaking of Jorja’s character, I suggest paying close attention to her hand at the 0:34 mark in the video I linked. She’s wearing a gold band. So-far-reliable sources say that Sara Sidle is married. To Gil Grissom. It’s worth tuning in just to hear the shippers’ heads explode when that’s revealed.

Whence this fad of putting “[spoilers]” in the subject line.

I’m assuming CBS still puts full episodes up online? I used to be a huge CSI fan, like HUGE, but season 5 started to get “eh” then I really only watched later when I knew there was gonna be some Grissom/Sara stuff by reading spoiler sites. I haven’t really watched the show at all in 2 years minus the aforementioned shipper episodes.

But that preview did its job, I’m interested. I was kinda thinking of watching the Jorja episodes anyway because I like her and figure I’d at least get some one-sided dish or something on her and Griss and what the hell she did after she bailed.

Dammit, I got distracted and missed a bit at the end. After Sara and Nick found the guy who’d been woodchippered … That was the drunk bum from the motel, right? The actress’s father?
Why was his body taken from the morgue? Who were the guys that took him?
What were they looking for when they were looking through the body bits?
What relevance did that very last body have, the guy with something weird inside of him? Who was he, in relation to the rest of the people?


1. Yes.
2. Because it had evidence that would have implicated the bodyguard in his killing – he swallowed a cufflink that identified the guy. The people stealing the corpse were Russian Mafia (all purpose TV villains).
3. The cufflink.
4. It was a tease. It had nothing to do with tonight’s episode, but possibly will be relevant next week.

Thank you.

I hope CBS still puts full CSI episodes online or I’m SOL on this one. They used to put the full eps online so I didn’t DVR tonight’s episode.

Count me in. I’m proud to say that I have seen every single episode of CSI:LV, but stopped when Grissom left. I just couldn’t fathom having no Grissom. But then I saw that Sara would be coming back so I thought, welll…let’s just see if I like Ray Langston. Turns out that I do. I think he has filled the void left by Grissom quite well so far. Now I am happily continuing my goal of watching every single episode of CSI:LV ever.

PS: can someone please PM me on how to make the “spoiler”? (you’re looking at a newbie here.)

I should explain that I haven’t watched a full episode of CSI since last season, and then only the ones with JF, so what I know of previous developments is scant. With that in mind, I was pleasantly surprised by last night’s premiere. Contrary to what’s circulating on the 'net, I didn’t feel that Ray Langston was “shoved down my throat”; on the contrary, for a character played by a big name star, he was relatively low key. Certainly what I saw was a contrast to William Petersen, whom at his most overbearing as Grissom seemed to suck all the air out of a room.

The inter-team sniping at the crash scene was a bit surprising but (sadly) in character, especially Nick’s “you need to suck up whatever the boss says” attitude. He’s always been the Percy Weasley of the group. And now he’s Assistant Supervisor… might be interesting.

Out of time on this computer, more later.