CT Voters and Lieberman

Isn’t there someway to get rid of Lieberman? Amend the state constitution for example, to allow recalls. Man what an ass he has become. I can’t imagine he reflects the views pf more than 30% or so of the electorate these days.

The US Constitution would have to be amended to allow recall elections, or 2/3rds of the Senate would have to be convinced that he needs to be kicked out.

Changing state law is meaningless in this case.

Actually, he’s polling at 49%.

Also see the responses to your earlier, similar thread.

Most interesting points from your link:

Not true, it is left up to the states. 19 states currently allow recall.

I forgot I asked this before. I’m more angry now. He ran as a moderate Democrat, then when he lost that he ran as a moderate Independent. He’s gone way over the edge. This guy endorsed the Republican presidential candidate and is now fighting the public option. He is threatening to filibuster even though he is on record against that tactic.

Given that the same poster asked the same question only 10 days ago, linked to in post #4, and that the OP seems more interested in ranting than information, I would recommend opening a Pit or perhaps a GD thread rather than a new GQ thread.

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