Cthuhulu Wrapping Paper?--need answer quick

Is there some Lovecraftian Wrapping Paper I can order, real quick?

Here’s some.


There’s lots more on a google search but most seem to be from sites that are blocked at my work for “games”. So you can try that.

Also one site “gamingpaper.com” seems to have a couple different kinds in google images but again it’s blocked at work.

How quick is real quick?

I found a kickstarter

not until the stars are right

Here’s a selection.

Most aren’t available/sold out, not yet in stock.

Use a roll of plain paper and invest in a rubber stamp!


And if you need it faster than that, a potato carves into a stamp rather nicely, if you have a touch of artistic talent.

I have made a decision, and I shall go with a pattern known as “red”.

Thanks for the help.

(PS: Red was on sale for fifty cents).

For representations of Cthuhulu, artistic talent is probably not a requirement.

In his house at R’lyeh zombie Cthulhu waits feeling insulted.

I don’t know if they have wrapping paper, but Arkham Bazaar is a good source for Lovecraft merchandise.