Ctrl key has a one second delay

You know, there should probably be a whole separate area just for computer and internet related questions.

Anyways, I have a new computer, with WinXP Pro on it. It uses the same mouse, keyboard, and monitor using a KVM switch as my other XP Home machine.

The XP Home works fine, and the keys on the keyboard do exactly what they should. But the XP Pro has a delay set in for the Ctrl key - it won’t do it’s thing until after it’s held down for one second. It’s incredibly frustrating, and I have no idea why it’s doing this - can anybody help with any suggestions?

I’ve checked the keyboard and accessibility options in the Control Panel but they aren’t to blame.

Thanks if you have a clue.

I would agree strongly with that, but I expect the mods will say it would un-generalize the boards.

At my work, the windows 2000 system has a 10 second delay on the context menus (right mouse button)

Some KVM switches let you switch between the computers by hitting ctrl twice. It could be that your KVM switch is waiting a second to see if you’ll hit another ctrl. I had a KVM switch and it did the exact same thing. But mine was consistent no matter which computer I was using. Try bypassing the KVM and see if the problem still happens.

Filmore, you are a genius! That was exactly the problem. It was my left Ctrl key, so I changed the hotkey to the right one, which I never use. Excellent!