Cube steak recipe needed - quickish!

I have pork cube steaks, thin slices of I don’t know what cut of pork, put through the store tenderizer, and I want to cook them quickly for tonight. I have barbeque sauce and thought a quick saute and simmer, covered, in the oven for an hour or two?.. Is that possible or should I put them in the slow cooker for tomorrow?

I’ve only ever cooked them by coating in well-seasoned bread crumbs and quickly browning them over medium-high heat in a little oil in a big saute pan.

I would Egg wash them and lightly dust them in seasoned flour, brown in lite oil (your choice) then braise them in thinned out BBQ sauce for an hour…Slap on a slab of lightly toasted sourdough with dill pickles on the side.

Hey, you asked…


Do this then top with caramelized onions, jalapenos and pepperjack cheese. Put under the broiler just until the cheese starts to brown and serve on a toasted sandwich roll with a bit of BBQ sauce.

Cut them in fingers and fry em quick. When done toss them in bbq sauce with a bit of hot sauce. Think chicken wings.

If you cook thin sliced pork slowly, it will be dry and tough. Whatever recipe you choose, get a move on. :slight_smile:

Honestly I think that’s the main thing.

OK, thank you. I will cook them tomorrow slowly in some sauce in the oven.

Yeah, schnitzel is the best bet for that cut.

Technically, it’s chicken-fried steak, but with pork. Or chicken-fried pork cutlets. Cubed.

Batter fry it like a chicken, pour molten butter over it, then put in white sausage sauce.