Slow cooker recipes for thick boneless pork chops

Title kind of says it all: any slow cooker recipes you particular like for thick boneless chops?
Also, I live alone (except with a dog) so I usually just cook one (sometimes 2 if they’re smaller).

Was interested if there’s a way to cook the pork chop with brown rice and spinach and have them all come out pretty good.

Thanks for any suggestions.

I just did this one with a small pork loin–imagine it would be just as good with a thick pork chop! It came out pretty good and we made the sauce that went with it.

good luck

Dip in flour, brown in butter. Place in crockpot with a can or two of creamed corn. Not haute cuisine, but good comfort food.

are we talking boneless pork loin chops? Wouldn’t slow cooking dry them out? unless you’re using the slow cooker as a convenient “one pot” meal, in which case you can safely ignore me.

Pork chops, can of cream of mushroom soup, some beef broth. Let them all simmer in the pot for 4 to six hours. Throw in some sour cream the last ten minutes.

Great over rice or egg noodles.

Ranch Chops- this is old school comfort food…

Sprinkle chops with one packet of ranch dressing mix and add 1 can of cream of chicken and 1 can of cream of mushroom condensed soup (I know this sounds salty but it doesn’t turn out that way. If you are concerned, I think you could add a cup of water).

It’s fantastic over rice- and the meat doesn’t dry out (I go usually 8 hours). Honestly, the pork flavored soup sauce is just pure guilty pleasure.

We had pork chops from the crockpot last night. The wife did them with Sweet Baby Ray’s Hawaiian BBQ sauce, sliced peppers and a couple of onions. Served over rice. Was delish.

If you use enough broth, you can add your brown rice to the chops/cream of mushroom/broth suggestion above. Throw in the spinach in at the end to wilt it.

This is assuming you eat canned cream of mushroom soup.

Unless you take the lid off there is pretty much no way for a slow cooker to dry anything that starts out wet.

1 jar salsa
1 bottle franks wing sauce
1 jar course ground mustard
a spoonful or 3 of honey or jam
bell pepper whatever color you like.

mix all in a bowl, pour over pork and cook on low for 8 ish hours, shred meat in crock Then pull the meat out.

makes easy delicious pulled pork, you will have left over sauce unless you make 4-5 pounds though.